Heidi Trautmann

Jun 2-12: Art Youth Competition 2015 – Jury has chosen - Exhibition to follow

By Heidi Trautmann


On May 12 the jury members Gönen Atakol, Ruzen Atakan and Asik Mene came together and selected the best art works from this year’s youth competition.  The first three prizes went to Celal Atikler “Vapur 1”, Dicle Özlüses “İsimsiz 2”, Mehmet Sariler  “Horoz Dövüşü 2” and  Ahmet Erman Karagöz  for “Afrodit’in Düşü”.


From 73 works by 21 young artists 25 works by 16 artists were chosen for the exhibition.

The exhibition will be in June, 2-12 June at the Atatürk Cultural Centre. 

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