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Feb 7 - 21 - German Film Days 2014 at the Cine Studio - University of Cyprus

7th - 21st February 2014;films start at 9.00 pm; on Sundays at 8.00 pm
Cine-Studio / University of Nicosia
Language: German with Greek subtitles; engl.ST: "Schuld..."
Admission: 8 €; 4 € for filmclub members (reduction for pensioners, students and soldiers) Admission is free for films with an asterix*
Information: 00357-96420491
The Friends of Cinema Society and the Goethe-Institut Cyprus again present to film lovers in Nicosia a selection of prizewinning recent German films, all being shown in Cyprus for the very first time.

07., 09., 11., 13. February
The festival opener will be Margarethe von Trotta's new film: "Hannah Arendt" (2012) about the german-jewish philosopher and journalist Hannah Arendt, who had to leave Germany in 1933 and became a renown intellectual in the US.

10. February 2014
The film: "Was bleibt"(What remains)* (2012) by Hans-Christian Schmid shows the facade of an idyllic familylife, which crumbles after a long weekend of sudden confrontations.

12. Februar 2014
Lars-Gunnar Lotz's film: "Schuld sind immer die anderen" (Always the others are to blame)* (2012) describes the life in a reeducation centre for young criminals, where a convict unintentially meets a victim of his crime, who works there as teacher. This film received the best actor prize at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2012.

14. und 16. Februar 2014
The film "Lore" (2012) by Cate Shortland tells the dramatic story of 15 years old German girl Lore, who in spring of 1945 is on the run with her younger siblings fleeing the advancing american army. Her encounter with Thomas, who has just escaped from a Nazi concentration camp, is an eye-opener for her. This film was awarded the German Film Prize in 2013 and the audience award at the Locarno Film Festival in 2012.

17. Februar 2014
"Stille Sehnsucht - Warchild"* (2006) by Christian Adam Wagner deals with the aftermath of the wars in former Yugoslavia. A mother from Bosnia-Hezegowina is searching for her lost daughter she had to part with and who grew up with a family in Germany. This film won the best film script prize at the Montreal Film Festival 2006.

20. und 21. Februar 2014
Jan Ole Gerstner's film: "Oh Boy" (2012) gives an insight into the life of a young man in his late twenties, living in Berlin, depending on his father's subsidies. Due to some sobering encounters with his friends and neighbors he finally realizes, that it's high time for him to find a new perspective for his spoilt life. The film received the European Film Prize in 2013, the German Filmprize and reache cult status last year, as he perfectly reflects the feelings of a whole generation.

We wish you fascinating and entertaining film evenings and invite you to attend our opening cocktail on the 7th February 2014 at 8.30 pm in the cafeteria of the Cine Studio at the University of Nicosia!

Tickets at the door. A programme with the synopsises of the presented films will be available in Greek.

All films are with greek subtitles, except "Schuld sind immer die Anderen", which has english subtitles.
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