Heidi Trautmann

May 26 - Spring Poetry Rain in Nicosia


Saturday, 26 May 2012 at Ledra/Arasta Streets at 17.30

Ideogramma (www.ideogramma-cy.org)
Sidestreets (www.sidestreets.org)
Ευρωπαϊκό Κοινοβούλιο Γραφείο στην Κύπρο (www.europarl.cy)

Large balloons filled with 50,000 poems, submitted by poets from all over the world will be put in place up above the whole length of Arasta / Ledra street and at pre determined intervals the balloons will be burst to release the poems.

On Saturday 26 May 2012, starting at 17.30

Many types of balloons will be placed, the largest of which (1.80min diameter) will carry the poems. Several stages will be placed all along Arasta / Ledra street from which the audience / public will be invited to read out the falling poems. They will also provide the stage from which the musicians will play, prior, during and after the poems are dropped. Music will provide an additional festive ambiance. The public also be encouraged to pin poems on the balloon strings. One or more projections will give short biographical information on the poets as well as other additional information. The event will be shown live on one or more local / European TV channels as well as on the internet.

The organisers are sending invitations to poets / writers all over the world – estimated reach 150,000 email addresses - to submit as many poems / writings as they wish.

The themes of the writings are – Individuality, Respect, Tolerance, Acceptance, Human Rights, Living Together, Sharing the same Life, Sharing the same Space,

Different Nationalities – Many Ethnicities - One people – One Europe - One World – Same Future

The audience in addition to being invited to read out loud preferred poems they will also be encouraged to collect and keep this SPRINGPOETRYRAIN.

The balloons with the pinned poems will remain in place for a further three days.

About 100 books with the poems will be bound into basic books to be donated to the sponsors and others as well as placed in libraries all over the island.

The objective is for this event to be an annual one until such time as

Nicosia is one city, Cyprus one country

Participating Organisations, Embassies, Cultural Organisations

Nicosia Municipality
Nicosia Municipality North

CyTA ( www.cyta.com.cy and www.cytanet.com.cy) – major sponsor

Nicosia Tourist development and Promotional Company

Cyprus Union of Writers

Goethe Institut (Cyprus)
Ars Interpres (Sweden)
Poets Circle (Greece)
Poetix (Greece)

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