The opening will be on 15th June 2012 at 7.30 in front of the İnçirli Cave for which the village is famous

After the national anthem, sung by Grammy Award nominee , Demet George Mustafaoğlu, the festival will start with a show of folk dancing. This will be followed by speeches by the TRNC and UK representativces of the Those Who Love Çınarlı Association, the mayor of Geçitkale and TRNC primeminister.

This will be followed by an award ceremony for the winners of the road race.

After the speeches and award ceremony there will be an opportunity to visit the cave.

Demet Mustafaoğlu and Arda Gündüz will give mini concerts during cave visits.

The festival will continue in the village, where a special area has been set up with a stage.

There will be a book signing by famous journalist Başaran Düzgün, a modern dance display by Gözde Hastürk , as well as a display by the young women of the village. As well as this there will be the naming of a street in the name of the ex- muhtar Sabri Beyi Bertuğ.

The first day will end with a concert by well known TRNC group SOS

The second day Saturday 16th June 2012 will start with a book signing by Aslan Mengüç.

This will be followed by a theatre performance by The Mağusa Sanat Theatres' comedy play “İki Dirhem Bir Çekirdek”.

The Youth Departments Folk Music Group will take the stage to perform well loved Turkish Cypriot and Turkish folk songs.

The evening will climax with a concert by Ayla Peksoylu ( Angel-i )

The third evening will start with a book signing by Mehmet Kansu, who will then join other poets writers and the family of two time Nobel Literature Prize nominee Osman Türkay, to commemorate the poet in the 11th year of his death. The poets poems will be recited in both Turkish and English . Arman Ratip , famous jazz pianist and Space musician will give a mini concert.

The final concert of the 2nd Çınarlı Culture and Art Festival will be given by Arda Gündüz.

As well as the events on the stage there will be stands selling home made produce by the villagers, these range from Hellim, Honey, All pickles and preserves, börek, hellimli , zeytinli ( hellim and olive bread ), olives ( green and black ) , olive oil and many other foodstuffs.

There will be a restaurant offering fırın kebab , traditonal home made macaroni as well as other foods.
Of course there will also be handicrafts on display and for sale.

This year there will also be competitions such as a backgammon competition held.

Andaş animation will be providing rides for children throughout the festival and clowns will be present to entertain children and paint faces .

Çınarı village is on the way to Karpaz, just past Geçitkale , on the Tatlısu Road up towards the mounain