Heidi Trautmann

Feb 05, 2015: ‘What the Ancient Cypriots Ate’ Lecture at CVAR

The Centre of Visual Arts & Research Nicosia starts Cultural Programme

With: ‘What the Ancient Cypriots Ate’

 By Heidi Trautmann

In the meantime most of the Cypriots and foreign residents in the Northern part of the island will be aware of the opening of the exciting bicommunal CVAR based on the Rita Severis Foundation.

Besides showcasing Cypriot art and culture in the elegantly and logically structured building of a museum and inviting for research in the well equipped sections for research with thousands of books, it is the endeavour of the CVAR board to stir up and bring to the surface the richness of Cypriot culture which includes also contemporary works and activities.

There was the fantastic idea of bringing to life the old Ermou Street which runs along the border line and where the CVAR is situated, that was end of December.

 Now they had initiated to organise an Turkish Cypriot presentation of food in their Museum Café Balthazar, I announced the event on my website on the 16th of January, and now I have just coming in the ....

....invitation of a lecture on the ancient Cypriot food on February 05 at 19.30 by Demetrius Michaelides, Emeritus Professor of the University of Cyprus.

 In my opinion, it is a very sensible way of showing the common properties of Turkish and Greek Cypriots instead of  insisting on showing and insisting on their differences.



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