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Jan 15, 2018 = Deadline for Submission to 'Paper Touch' Exhibition: CALL TO ARTISTS


The Association of Cyprus Paper Artists will be holding its second annual exhibition, Paper Touch,” on 17-28 April, 2018.

This year we have a distingushed jury who will select the works to be exhibited; artists are invited to submit work for consideration.

The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2018, and details are included on the attached application form.

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Paper Touch

17 April-28 April 2018

2nd Annual Exhibition--Association of Cyprus Paper Artists

Entry Form

Deadline:  January 15th 2018



A Details of artist 

Full Name:









B Details of Works

1.Title of the artwork:

 Date:                           Dimensions :                           Media:


2.Title of the artwork:

Date:                           Dimensions :                           Media:


3.Title of the artwork:

Date:                           Dimensions :                           Media:


Please note if the works are framed, or there is any hanging specification for their installation. Please also note the approximate space required:


C High resolution images of the works submitted for consideration, should be sent to the email below at the same time with this form.  

D Artist Statement and a short CV (160 words)


Please send the registration form and all documents including sections C and D by 15th January 2018 to: kksd.cyp@gmail.com

Artists whose works are accepted by the jury will be notified by 30th January 2018 via the email. It is also important to note that the selected works will be expected to arrive at the venue should be sent by air mail and arrive no later than 15th March.

The jury members for the selection are: Kadir Kaba (Photographer), Emin Çizenel (Artist), Daniela Todorova (Amateras Faundation Art Director), Helene Tschacher (Ex. Prisedent and web editor of IAPMA), Dr. Esra Plümer Bardak (Independent Curator and Arts Manager)

Ismet Tatar, Chairperson ACPA

Nicosia Cyprus

İsmet Tatar, Chairperson

On behalf of the Board

Our website: www.kksdcyprus.com

Application forms in English and Turkish are attached as documents

- [papertouchform.docx]
- [papertouchacıkdavet.docx]

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