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Johannesburg South Africa 2019 – A journey along memory lane
Tour to Georgia and Armenia June 2019
A trip to Jordan – a kingdom surrounded by war zones working for peace
Once upon a time there were twelve locomotives...A visit to the Railway Museum in Evrykhou
My heart bleeds when I see the cacti die
A place where the soul may travel with the speed of a camel
Days of pure bliss – North Cyprus in mid-January 2014
The Moonscape of Cape Kormakiti
Vestiges of the past and visions of the future - Part III
Vestiges of the past and visions of the future - Part II
Vestiges of the past and visions of the future - Part I – Ankara, Hattusha and the Hittites
Springtime – a matter of culture - Or: A new broom sweeps clean
National Parks worldwide – In memoriam of our world’s beauty
A leisure walk along the Sea in Lapta
First Turkish Sailors reached Antarctica with their sailing boat UZAKLAR II
The dream to fly over the rainbow so high
Precious Gold in Bottles
There is the red Palm Weevil in our garden
Part IX of the Serial “The World is my Home” - From Georgia to Louisiana
Part Part VIII - American Tunes – Down South along the Atlantic Coast
Part VII - American Tunes –Arts and Monuments in Washington and Food in Chesapeake Bay
Part VI of the Serial “The World is my Home” American Tunes – New York, its people and the arts
The World is my home Part V - Baja California Sur
The World is my home Part IV - Baja California – the country of fishing camps and sand dollars
Part II - Batopilas, the old silver town in the Copper Canyon
Part III - A Weekend Picnic in the South African Bush
The World is my Home - Part I - Traveling broadens mind and senses
One summer evening in Cyprus
A wedding in the castle of Sissi, Empress of Austria
History forgotten – The Abbey of the ancient Church of Sinai
Silk production in Yeşiltepe – a touch of fairytale
Under the spell of Lefke
Orchid Festival 2012 in Hizarköy
Once upon a time in Cyprus - Classic Road transportation over the last 100 years - Part II
Once upon a time there were twelve locomotives… Part I
Oh, what a beautiful morning…
A Taste of Village Life - Part III – Korucam/Kormakitis – the village of the Maronites
A Taste of Village Life - Part II - The Monastery in Camlibel
A Taste of Village Life – an ATA Tour in early spring - Part I: Village of Kozan
A Winterday in the Cypriot Troodos Mountains
Two people and a boat
The good old days – the good old ways
Southern Louisiana – Laissez les bons temps rouler …
Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally 2011 in Kyrenia
Değirmenlik – Kythrea – Chytroi : Witness of History
The Weird Funeral of a Quail
The Magical Power of Spring
Dorian – a restaurant in a niche of Nicosia
The Blue Door Restaurant in Alsancak
Winter Impressions
Harvesting Mediterranean Gold
Have you been to Kyrenia lately?
Curriculum Vitae of a Cypriot Almond Tree
Back to the Roots – a Journey of Nostalgia
Where the Wild Artichokes Grow
Lefkoşa, the City of Jasmine
The smells of Munich
End-of-the-year-events at Onar Village
Look, there is a fox outside our kitchen door...
Make your party a success with Suzee
Kyrenia – where we dropped our anchor
The Henna Party
Yedikonuk - On the look-out for Cyprus’s beauty
Wer steckt hinter www.cre-aktiv.com – Who is behind www.cre-aktiv.com
When the Icecream Man comes..
One day you must come to Louroudjina
Combined forces to help protect nature
Hikmet’s Wonderland
Invitation to protect our environment
An old village bakery in Bogazköy on the old Nicosia road
World Water Day March 22
Why not start with a recipe: Graved salmon and graved trout

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