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Combined forces to help protect nature


Anglo Turkish Association undertakes steps to find solutions


The Anglo Turkish Association has - through all the years of its existence – been very much interested in environmental questions besides making available information on other fields of interests for people living in Cyprus.

On April 14, members and non-members were invited to listen to a presentation put together for the ATA covering views on aspects of Water Conservation and including an insight into Xeriscaping (water-wise landscaping)&Uses and Benefits of Wood Chip Mulch in Cyprus

The presentation was done by Sibel Paralik and Hazim Tugun from “SAVE” / Supporting Activities that Value the Environment, an USAID supported project which most probably will end by the end of this year.

The guest room of the Aurora Hotel was overcrowded which on the other hand helped those in the last row to understand every single word. Many questions were asked and proposals made. One guest stood up to say that only the government can enforce a proper nature conserving measure but was answered back that all of us must do our part and not wait for orders to come from high above; “they” will eventually jump on when they realize that the train has started moving, which is alsoby SAVE  last year to inform people what every member in a household can do to save water and energy. Pamphlets on above subjects were distributed island-wide with pictured and easy-to-understand information. The contact addresses and numbers will be noted at the end of the text.

The very important topic Wood-Chip Mulching was covered by Metin Ibrahimler representing “Ecochip”. He gave us a short introduction to the history of Ecochip and explained by showing us examples of gardens and the benefits of it and gave some practical hints of how to use it. The whole secret is a shredder he started with and got the permission to use cut and disposal wood from the Department of Forestry.  Find his address at the end of text. He will be glad to assist you.

I myself got up to tell the members of the very successful event at the Acapulco Hotel of the same day, the NCCCE Children Conference for environment. Find the article under Art News. I could imagine that the children would appreciate a comment to their initiative.


My husband and I are already practicing environment conserving measures and also mulching. We have a small shredder which we use after the winter clean-up and the pruning of trees and bushes.  A huge amount of branches comes down to a small heap of chips. Wood which cannot be shredded we let it dry for the next winter for our fireplace. We also use the stems of the palm leaves for our fireplace, very good for kindling the fire. In our swimming pool we don’t use chemicals so we can use the water for watering the garden in hard times. This year, after last year’s hot summer, we have exchanged many plants for heat resistant plants and cacti. The waste water of the house usually ends in the last chamber of a three-chamber-system near the house. My husband has put down a pump into the 6-m-deep chamber and pumps the water to trees and bushes (non-fruit-bearing). You would not believe how much actually clean water you will find.


ATA:   shiloh1865@gmail.com (Laurie Briggs)

Other contact numbers  Ann 0533 877 4570 or Vasviye 0533 8657798


EcoChip: 0533 865 7093


SAVE: email SAVE-info@rgltd.com;  www.save-irg.com;

Tel: 0392 228 1925 and 0392 228 1756

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