Heidi Trautmann

Make your party a success with Suzee

By Heidi Trautmann


The other day I was invited to a party where I met Suzee again. I have known Suzee for some years and every time I was at the same party as she was, it remained in my memory as something really delicious. In the pure sense of the word.

For those who don’t yet know Suzee, she is a party organiser. I think this must be the most rewarding job one could have, to make people happy, to help them enjoy their birthday, wedding or anniversary parties without weeks of planning and the horrors going through your mind about the work ahead of you.

There is one thing you have to deal with: you will have to abandon your kitchen and leave everything in the trustworthy hands of Suzee and her helpers. Everything is planned ahead and you can be sure that all eventualities will be considered. Your day will be tailored to your requirements. All the necessary helping hands are at her bidding, bar service included. And you know what? You have all the time you want to talk to your guests without wondering if there are enough ice cubes in the fridge, if the wine is cool and the dishes replenished. Who will answer the door and put flowers in the vases? Who will clear away the empty glasses and dishes? Suzee and her team. What is more, she leaves the place as clean as can be, so that you can sit down at the end of it all and relax and enjoy a good last talk and drink and - if you must! - a cigarette.

This is just one scenario in which she stars. Suzee is an expert on all kinds of occasions, with events with different backdrops. I knew her when she was providing her service on a big boat; and that is not to be sneezed at. And she says she could prepare picnics in lovely locations – be it mountains, forests or beach or provide sit down dinners in clients’ homes. For prices, you will have to get in touch with her, as – as I said – everything is tailor-made.




To put it all together for you to see at one glance:


Finger Buffets

Dinner parties in your own home


House warmings


Children's parties

Luxury picnics

Theme parties

International cuisine


We can cater for any celebration  -  References available


Telephone:  0533 8629405

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