Heidi Trautmann

Have you been to Kyrenia lately?



By Heidi Trautmann


The other day I had to go to Kyrenia in this suffocating August heat to pay bills and I don’t know how it happened, perhaps it was this perfect light, a slight breeze from the sea through the narrow alleys of the old part of the city, that I have mentally taken my black glasses off and discovered beauty all over the place. Already coming in from the round about which is covered in yellow flower clouds - and they seem to be looked after properly - made my mood change and a smile crept into the corner of my mouth.

Opposite the Colony Hotel a new restaurant has opened, House and Garden, designed and beautifully revamped by Erbil Arkin (Arkin Hotel Group) and his wife. I took the opportunity to walk inside the restaurant and a waiter took me around. Excellent taste and how delicately the decorating goes with the old ceilings, door frames and wooden floors which were left intact. And the coffee I got was as good as everything.

The area around the Municipality, and the back alleys of the old part of the city, a pleasure for the eye with people sitting in the shade of trees, obviously enjoying it. I can still remember the uproar it gave when the municipality decided to give the Main Street a new face. Houses were freshly painted and pedestrian ways established. Everybody was complaining when we had to go around construction sites and channels that were dug for new infrastructure of electric, telephone and sewage water.


And look at it now: Broad ways to walk on, trees which soon will give us shade while we women will do window shopping, flower beds and pots in-between, everywhere little coffee shops. New hotels have sprung up, small-breasted hotels, nicely done, not only big ones like the new pompous Savoy. What a pleasant sight.  At the end of the road another round about full of flowers. And there a new area for the young people has developed, nice cozy places to sit and chat.

I thought it is about time to recognize the efforts which have been done in our Kyrenia and stop complaining when dust comes into our eyes. I am telling you, I like it.

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