Heidi Trautmann

762 - AN ARCHE – Ümit Inatçı – Art Exhibition at the ArtRooms in Kyrenia

By Heidi Trautmann

AN ARCHE the SOURCE, Arche …the beginning of being, the atom of all existing matter. The core of Greek philosophy, according to Aristoteles the source of entity is always preserved…and I read further that the Greek philosophers ascribed to Arche divine attributes. It is the divine horizon of substance that encompasses and values all things.

It is quite a sophisticated title for the exhibition that went on display on 03 April at the ArtRooms until April 24.  It is so very close to ANARCHY hmmm, but that would mean provoking chaos....

The last exhibition he held in 2012 at the Atatürk Cultural Centre was called INSIGNA and had the same train of thoughts I believe as spark  for the realisation of the exhibition. Ümit Inatçı is fascinated by the very beginning of the human kind living in caves and using symbols for articulating themselves and he seems to believe that our present is deeply rooted in our past.  His artwork is full of symbols and as he is equally attached and attracted to literature and especially poetry, his work becomes accessible and readable to the viewer.

For this exhibition there was no catalogue available so that I could have checked on his thoughts when I came with a good friend during the day one day after the opening. The atmosphere of the exhibition is quite impressive:  the walls in grey to fit the general thought, the brilliant colours came out beautifully. The first ever picture I saw of Ümit Inatçı’s was in Famagusta in one jewellery shop, a large painting in a sort of royal blue. I was impressed.  One installation with Greek heads, probably the philosophers to whom the ARCHE thought is ascribed and an avocado-like oval shape cut open with a golden mask inside, thought-provoking. New for me are some photo collages with differently shaped objects and impressive colours.


In my last review I have written more in-depth on Ümit Inatçı’s philosophy.  http://www.heiditrautmann.com/category.aspx?CID=8646165576#.VSTN_tyUfg8


Viewing times are from midday until midnight according to the opening times of the restaurant The House above.


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