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325 - Ümit İnatçı and his new exhibition “INSIGNA” - The chronology from cave drawings to modern art

By Heidi Trautmann


The philosophical reflections by Platon and Heidegger, on the phenomena of human existence and the existence of being and its interrelations are the infrastructure of Ümit İnatçı’s thought process for the project he has brought to display at the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Nicosia. The exhibition was opened on last Tuesday by the Italian Art Critic and Curator, teacher and friend, Bruno Cora, who by the way was curator of the last Art Biennale in Florence.

However, as Ümit İnatçı states,  the process of realizing the project was done without philosophical thought but offering himself as  “…a philosophical test subject in the form of being and has been implementing some experiments en route to understanding” and adds: “In fact I  myself chose the state of converting the line that extends between the cave and modern man through drawings, writing-drawings till the invention of writing, with the aim of communication, recognition and constituting visual memory into consciousness, information, documents and authority as the source of nutrition for my art.”


Ümit İnatçı researches his projects to the smallest details philosophically and uses pictograms and logoforms to transpose the ‘findings’ onto canvas as the ‘cavemen’ did to record events for memory and communication purposes. Through the centuries man continued to use the form of symbols in different ways until today.  Today’s Conceptional Art is based on the philosophical thought that the road to the project’s goal is art and not necessarily the result itself, to find one’s own position, the status of being.  Proof is done.


The involvement with the graphic image of symbols, lines writings on well balanced backgrounds has been Ümit İnatçı’s philosophy in his works ever since, works with an immediate influence on the viewer as having in front of him the essence of thought and existence.


Ümit İnatçı was born in 1960 in Limassol and was one of the important students of late Ali Atakan who was known for his involvement and furthering of talented art students. In 1978, he went to London for his higher education in arts, and he continued his studies in Peruggia in Italy at the Pietro Vanucci Academy of Fine Arts from where he graduated in 1984.

The artist won many awards and praises for his painting, photography and graphic design works. İnatçı also participated in many exhibitions in Cyprus, United Kingdom, and Italy.


I have met Ümit İnatçı many times at exhibitions and at poetry events.  I like his art work very much and was looking forward to see his new works. I appreciate him as an artist. For many of his poetry friends he did the graphic art work for their books.


The exhibition will be open to the public until March 23, 2012 at 12.30 pm


Viewing times are:


9:00 – 14.30 MON – FRI

Except Thursdays until 16.30

Artists Ismet Tatar and Inci Kansu discussing the art works
Artists Ismet Tatar and Inci Kansu discussing the art works

Ismet Tatar and young artist Hasan Zeybek
Ismet Tatar and young artist Hasan Zeybek

Ümit Inatci and Bruno Cora, art critic and curator
Ümit Inatci and Bruno Cora, art critic and curator

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