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760 - North Cypriot artist Ismet Tatar taking part in ‘Paper Global 3’ in Deggendorf/Germany

International Paper Art Triennal in Deggendorf, Germany

By Heidi Trautmann

Paper Art is on an unbelievable victory parade throughout the world. A complete different approach to the arts throughout all kind of artistic and creative disciplines although not new at all, as it was largely known in the Far East. In 1986 a worldwide association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists was founded in Germany, i.e. IAPMA and I suggest, if you are interested, to look up their website for detailed information. In short, paper artists use their own handmade paper in order to create objects of art; I have often enough reported on several events when our paper artists travelled to international paper art events or – in one case – on the IAPMA congress that was held here in North Cyprus at the Near East University http://www.heiditrautmann.com/category.aspx?CID=6217718748#.VRLvXfyUfg8  or look for other events with our local paper artists Ismet Tatar, Inci Kansu and Emel Samioglu travelling either to Sofia, to Aix-en-Provence, to Krakow, even to Asia and many more interesting places. It is a rather fascinating art form and when you have the chance such as I did to have a group of more than 20 paper artists in your house for coffee you will understand their passion; they are always on the lookout for new plants, new possibilities to create new paper, and so they did in my garden. Did you know that one can make paper from tomatoes?


The cultural community of Deggendorf will have its third Paper Art Festival, a Triennal, i.e. the last one was in 2012 and the current one will be starting on 16 May until 18 October, and they have two local museums waiting to receive the art works from 90 artists from 13 countries selected by jury end of January out of 424 international artists who sent in their application from 28 countries, that is nearly double the applications than for the last occasion. Altogether, there are 450 sqm made available for the exhibition.


Ismet Tatar, one of our outstanding Turkish Cypriot artists is among the 90 artists chosen to take part in this third paper art event; she already did so three years ago. We can be proud  of it. The medium paper,  and making the paper she works with herself from plants in our nature has fascinated her ever since she started working with it some years ago. It has become a sort of philosophy for her. The art work she is sending this year is a very delicate sculpted work by the title of ‘One for all’ with a total size of 200 x 150 cm consisting of 12 individual pieces that are in themselves complete but together symbolize the cyle of time and the great rhythm of the universe.  The form of circle that Ismet Tatar has used symbolizes eternity, a graphic form that knows of no end and of no beginning.


Link to 2nd event ‘Paper Global 2’


 Here are the participants taking part in ‘Paper Global 3’

Greetje van den Akker (NL), Brett Alexander (AU), Sabine Ammer u Anna Kubelik (D), Verena Appel (D), Walli Bauer (D), Roswitha Berger-Gentsch (D), Siglinde Berndt (D), Lucrezia Bieler (USA), Eszter Bornemisza (HU), Heinke Both (D), Angelika Brackrock (D), Stephanie Brysch (D), Ingrid Bürger (D), Gisbert Danberg (D), Suzanne Desbiens (CA), Katja Droste-Zingone (D), Anne Dück von Essen (D). Viviane Fontaine (CH), Regina Friedrich-Körner (D), Christiane Gaebert (D), Sabine Gorski u Fabian Kehse (D), Maritza Granados-Manjarres (CO), Anja-Katrin Grimm (D), Alexandra Hendrikoff (D), Ilse Hilpert (D), Susanne Holzinger (D), Hyacinta Hovestadt (D), Rolf Hucke (D), Helga Jahnke (D), Silke Janssen (D), Eva Maria Juras (D), Irene Karpiczenko (CH), Daphne Kerber (D), Ute Krautkremer (D), Gabriele Kruk (D), Lutz Krutein (D), Catherine Kuebel (D), Katrin von Lehmann (D), Bara Lehmann-Schulz (D), Anna Lorenz (GB), Eva-Maria Mandok (D), Hildegard Mann (D), Paola Manzur (D), D. A. Marbach (D), Kerstin Mempel (D), Christoph Merker (D), Harald Metzler (A), Wilhelm Morat (D), Ruth Moro (CH), Jeanette Mörz (D), Fereshteh Mottaghi-Omandani (IR), Sabine Naumann-Cleve (D), Sabine Neubauer (D), Maya Shizuko Onodera (D), Bettina Ott (CH), Christine Ott (D), Katrin Paul (D), Heinz Pfister (CH), Julie Picard (CA), Zipora Rafaelov (D), Irene Rammensee (D), Erika Reisenberger (CA), Priska Riedl (A), Maria Rist (D), Gerda Ritzmann (CH), Heike Schaefer (D), Ingeborg Schmidthüsen (D), Madeleine Schollerer (D), Wilhelm Schramm (A), Sigrid Schraube (D), Richard Shipps (USA), Hans Jürgen Simon (D), Riny Smits (NL), Magda Sobon (PL), Birgit Sommer (D), Irina Spelleken (D), Traudel Stahl (D), Rosemarie Stuffer (D), May-Lucy Süess (CH), Katya-Anna Taguti (RU), Ismet Tatar (TR), Claudia Thielicke (D), Akiko Tomikawa (D), Helene Tschacher (D), Joachim Tschacher (D), Bruno Weber (CH), Gabi Welters (D), Susan Williams (GB), Franziska Lankes u Lena Zehringer (D), Wolfgang Zeilbeck (D)


Hopefully I will be able to report on the exhibition opening on 15 May, which will be followed by a paper festival the next day. Deggendorf is a lovely town in Lower Bavaria founded in 1300 with a past going further back to the Bronze Ages, close to the Danube River. What fun it would be to go there myself! But Ismet Tatar will be there and on her return will tell me all about it and bring back stories and pictures. 

Ismet Tatar
Ismet Tatar's paper art sculpture

The City Museum in Deggendorf
The City Museum in Deggendorf

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