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387 - Global Paper 2 – International Paper Art Triennial in Deggendorf 2012

Ismet Tatar, our well known artist participated in the art event in Lower Bavaria


By Heidi Trautmann


Deggendorf is a district capital in Lower Bavaria first mentioned in documents in1002. It was geographically very important as it is situated in the valley of the Danube and close to the Isar river. It is a lovely town (about 30.000 inhabitants) with a beautiful medieval town centre and many touristic attractions. Its museums are well known beyond its borders and many important art events have taken place there.

Ismet Tatar, our local well known artist was invited to participate in the 2012 Paper Art Triennial with her works.

As I have already remarked in earlier articles, paper art is becoming more and more a recognized art discipline connected with the appreciation of the material not only as carrier of culture but as an independent art work. It also has an environmental hind thought, as the use of recycled paper or paper pulp made from waste paper such as newspaper, or paper made from plants and natural fibres is quite common among the many paper artists worldwide. The art to create objects from paper was first known in Asia, everybody will know the Japanese Origami folding technique, then the art of paper cutting is known from as far back as 1600 in Persia. In the Western world it first developed in the USA but has settled everywhere now with ever growing interest.

The curators of the city museum and the handicraft museum in Deggendorf have taken up the idea and initiated a first paper art fest in 2000. As from 2009 on there will be a triennial Global Paper Festival with this year’s festival going on until September. There were more than 200 applicants from 28 countries and it was not easy for the jury to choose 78 artists from 18 countries in the end.

Deggendorf has some own paper history with paper being manufactured in a paper mill as far back as 1559 and still today the locally made paper is highly appreciated.

I am happy to know that the art work by our Turkish Cypriot artist Ismet Tatar had been taking part in this remarkable event.


 PS: Please forgive me for not showing more art work but do go the the corresponding websites, either Deggendorf Stadtmuseum or IAPMA.


Ismet Tatar
Ismet Tatar's work

The City Museum of Deggendorf
The City Museum of Deggendorf

Historical city centre of Deggendorf
Historical city centre of Deggendorf

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