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883: I am a Woman/Leap of Faith - Mmakgabo Helen Sebidi – Sister of my Heart

I am a Woman/Leap of Faith  – South African Film Series by Plexus Films featuring

Mmakgabo Helen Sebidi – Sister of my Heart


By Heidi Trautmann


The film is the life story of a woman who took the Leap from being a domestic worker to becoming a worldwide known artist, one of the 21 Icons of South Africa. I am very proud of her. I have first met her in the late 1960s and early 70s when she took care of our children in Johannesburg during the hard times of apartheid.  Read my article I wrote some years ago on the occasion of her being given an award by her country.  We have always kept in touch over all these years, we have met in Germany and ever since I have followed her career but also her fights. Read my text under the following link and see her speak about her life in the film directed by Lauren Groenewald.





There is no need to add any more words. Only my conclusion.... The life of an artist is not easy, the life of a female artist is not easy, the life of a black female artist is hard and needs extreme determination, needs hard work, never rest, especially in a country like South Africa.  Helen has fought and worked all her life and with the vision she had she managed to create the incredibly beautiful and meaningful art work she did over the last 50 years. The film is an important message for mankind, not only for the people in South Africa but fot the whole world which is fighting over human values right now. Thank you, Lauren, for this statement.

Find attached the pdf file of the catalogue of her last exhibition in Johannesburg; presently she is in Brazil....




In the 70s in Helen
In the 70s in Helen's village

in her village in the 70s
in her village in the 70s

One of her older works
One of her older works

- [availablemmakgabosebidi.pdf]

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