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798 - Cyprus Ottoman Artefacts and Doors Photo Exhibition organised by GÖSAD

Photo Exhibition organised by GÖSAD Cyprus Visual Arts Association

By Heidi Trautmann


Walking through the cities of Cyprus you will – here and there – still discover old Ottoman doors and windows, in the old Turkish quarters or right through the historical old city centres, many an Ottoman mansion can be found, old fountains,  architectural characteristics on buildings. A worthwhile project for any photographer and artist to discover the history through the lens or by painting. I know quite a handful of artists who have specialised on this project. Such work is historic documenting and it is important to make society and its friends and visitors constantly aware of the richness of a culture gone. Unfortunately, some of these riches are falling to pieces. Samples of them should be kept in Ethnographic museums.


On the evening of July 22, the Cyprus Visual Arts Association GÖSAD has opened an exhibition of 85 photographs taken by seven of their members. One of them, Şahap Tokatlı, told me that they have hundreds more in their archive.  The evening which was visited mainly by politicians – members of the new government and mayors of various cities, for example the Mayor of Famagusta, Ismail Arter, and the Mayor of Çatalkoy, Mehmet Hulusioğlu, who have both sponsored the catalogue.

The President of the association GÖSAD, Gökhan Altiner,  and Dr. Sibel Siber have spoken words of welcome and historical wisdom.


For many years I have been on the lookout for expert literature and documentation and have written about it on my website and for Cyprus Observer.  See the link below.  




Artists such as Tulay Gürzap have concentrated their attention on the Ottoman past and many other artists with an architectural interest.


I hope that many young people have seen the exhibition and have been explained the importance of it. Yes, a bit more information on the exhibits that is what I missed, places where the objects were found and the time and occasion.




Gökhan Altiner
Gökhan Altiner

Dr. Sibel Siber
Dr. Sibel Siber

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