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118 - NEW BOOK: Ottoman, Islamic and Islamised Monuments in Cyprus by Tuncer Bağışkan

A very valuable book to further manifest the identity of the TRNC. Archaeologist Tuncer Bağışkan has over a period of many years researched and collected from many sources documents, photos, architectural plans, inscriptions to realize this new volume of precious information on buildings and structures of the Ottoman period and after. He had already published in Turkish his first results of research in his 2005 book Kibris’ta Osmanli-Türk Eserleri but after the opening of the Green Line doors he was able to extend the documentation and add new findings.

In his foreword the author describes the rather hard process of putting all findings together. He had the help of many minds and hands to either translate – from Ottoman and Turkish languages into English - edit or contribute. Valuable treasures of Evkaf and National Archives were made available to him. Also private persons, photographers contributed their collected items to the book.

A great work which gives the interested reader all detailed information on architecture, dates, legends and the inscriptions - often in Ottoman language cut into stone – on monuments listed here:

Tekkes, Mosques, Mescits (small mosques), Votive Sites, Cemetries and Gravestones, Khans (Caravansarays), Bathhouses (Hamams), Public Squares and City Gates of Nicosia, Libraries and Religious Schools (Medresses) and the Bedestan; Houses and other buildings, prisons and castles, Chains of wells, bridges and Aqueducts, fountains.

At the end of the book there is a most interesting bibliography listing all the writers and scientific works on the subject the author  is referring to.


I bought the book at Deniz Plaza bookshop for TL 100 and every kurus of it is worth the book. What an achievement. Thank you, Tuncer Bağışkan.



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