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890 : ‘SAFIR – Müjdelenen Zaman’ by Kemal B. Caymaz - Book Launch and exhibition at the Bedesten


‘SAFIR – Müjdelenen Zaman’ – First book of a series of three

written and presented by Kemal B. Caymaz at the Bedesten Nicosia


By Heidi Trautmann


A blue carpet, blue - the royal colour,  was rolled out to receive the guests to the ‘kingdom for an evening’ for the presentation of a book – the first of a series of three – with the story of a once-upon-time kingdom; a kingdom that started with peace and harmony among all its living beings. The centre of the kingdom is St. Hillarion with Azazel as their king and commander. The book is in Turkish, I sincerely hope that soon it will also be available in English for others who have found their home here, because how can you really know a country if not by its legends and the ghosts of the past, fairies and djinns, their existence being created and passed on by its population for centuries.


Kemal B. Caymaz has kindly produced a summary translated into English for me; here is the introduction to give the reader an idea of what the stories are about.



Book One

Heralded Time

“Good tidings it came, good tidings!

Shepherd star is shining

The Messiah is being found!

Djinns and fairies are in a rush

The bad ones are after the boy as well!

But the good ones are not being idle.

If you buy this book you shell read what will happen next…”

Once upon a time; while the earth was still young, in a time when djinns, fairies and all magical creatures were visible to mankind, god created a kingdom for mankind and djinns to live in harmony in Alashia*. It was named Kingdom of The Shepherd Star, because of the illuminating light that shone on from the Shepherd Star. Azazel was the favorite angel of God’s. His clothes were covered with beautiful stones and Lefkara embroideries. He had blue hair made of flame and an extraordinary beauty. He began to live in that jasmine scented kingdom that was illuminated by the Shepherd Star. He became the commander and prince of the kingdom. He got married. He had a pretty wife and a daughter. He achieved all the beauties that life offers. However because of his own beauty he was filled with arrogance day after day. Time passing by Azazel, couldn’t settle for this kingdom that was given to him.

*Alashia: Ancient name of Cyprus.


The atmosphere of the BEDESTEN is well suited to feel the presence of times gone by, with the statues in the background telling of the island’s beginnings, and it is always with a sort of respect that visitors enter the wide hall under the high roof. The paintings that illustrate the first book, the characters that live between the pages, are displayed along the walls. Kemal, the young author, signs his first book and you can see his humble pride and satisfaction in his eyes. So are his parents, his mom radiant with happiness.

On the occasion of our interview of some years ago, he mentioned that his thoughts were centering around the creation of this book. Altogether until today it has taken him ten years. Well done, my young friend and if you take care you will go far. This is only the beginning.


Extract from the interview.....

Kemal told me: “With “Once upon a time” all fairy tales commence and in-spite of all modernity today’s people are willing to be led into a world of fantasy, I believe and it is my aim to reach the child within people, to open their imagination and to leave aside the real world with all its depressions created by daily routines, communal and national problems and issues, with other words, give them some hope and innocence.”

Kemal still has this innocence, he has created for himself a different world and he wants to share it. He has begun to write a book which he wants to illustrate. It is a fantasy book about events happening in St. Hilarion, about a prince, the son of a God, and a shepherd from another star.  “The idea has been developing many years ago and it is now ripe to be finished and published.”


Here the link to the complete interview.



It is the innocence of this young man that is striking, innocence meaning openness in order to receive and interpret...and finally understand. One can also see this in his paintings of  childhood, he interprets its world and the growing up with great sensitivity; the paintings are shown in the link above.

I wish Kemal to stay on his road he has begun, he does not need wishes of good luck, he knows that he has to work for it, and the discipline he has.


The exhibition is open for only two days. The book can be obtained from all Deniz Plaza offices, Rüstem Bookstore and Işık Bookstore.

The author and his mom
The author and his mom

The crown
The crown

The publisher and the author
The publisher and the author

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