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Art and Creativity in North Cyprus - Volume II
Art and Creativity in North Cyprus
Final thoughts : Book presentation and exhibition ‘Art and Creativity in North Cyprus – Vol II


at the National Archive and Research Centre in Kyrenia By Heidi Trautmann

You know how it feels when you have climbed a mountain, for example the Himalaya, an expedition with all you need on the way, with helpers and supporters, and then you are there and look around, on the years of ascent, and I am holding my breath.

I could not have made it without you..... without the support at the setting up for the event of book presentation and exhibition: Gökhan Şengör and his team, Nazif Bozatlı with the books he brought from his huge archive; there was Mustafa Azizoğlu taking care of the cartoonists section; Hikmet Uluçam who was setting up the painting section; Mehmet Erenler from the Kyrenia Art School for delivering four panels to hang up the theatre posters; Özgül Ezgin who brought the easels from EMAA; Hilary Jemal and Christine Venediger putting hundreds of books into pochettes; Ayhatun Ateşın and Rauf Ersenal organising the Terracotta Symposium section; Gökçe Şekeroğlu who organised the microphone system for the opening evening and on the evening itself the great help by Tuneysel Yaylalı and Gülseven Coles for distributing the books to the artists; Ayca from Streetart Bookstore, to sell them. There was the Colony Hotel who has delivered the tables and the glasses; there were the friends Irene and Martin Raab Marancos and my dear husband Kalle who served the wine to the many guests, and finally Yaşar Ersoy who said such nice words about my work and who opened the event with me. I cannot thank them enough, but is it not the basis of society, of an art community, of all those who care that we work together and share? Not only among us friends but among the artists worldwide. Perhaps we may not achieve much but every drop of water counts.

Yaşar Ersoy spoke so very true words in his opening speech with respect to the theatre.....

Theatre is the most meaningful and significant doctrine of human beings’ essence that can be experienced throughout life. It is the most important doctrine, as it steers people into doing what’s right and good. It is the most meaningful doctrine, because as Bertolt Brecht says, “it is in the service of the greatest of all arts: the art of living”. It is a totalitarian art where the main material is human, its purpose is to provide direct communication between human beings, minds and hearts.

Totalitarian art is the melting pot of all art forms. One can call a meeting place for visual, auditory, literary arts a ‘theatre stage’. People from various disciplines and languages can get together and mould into a brand new language and discipline to form the theatrical language. Thus, theatre speaks, appears and touches to all of our senses and perception through its peculiar and specific and utterly independent language… and what makes theatre different than other art forms is the existence of that “moment” and its ability to unite living organisms at one place.

Lastly, let’s share Bertolt Brecht’s poem “Theatre”...
“Those who can meet
Those who can bring joy
Those who can change
Go into light.”

See his speech in the whole length on my website, also mine in both languages…

On very rare occasions artists from so many art disciplines will encounter in one and the same room and it was heartwarming to see that they met on the evening of September 29 at the National Archive and Research Centre; also some of the guests met relatives – as I heard with much pleasure - they have never set their eyes on. For many it was also the first time to visit the Centre and I am sure that the perception that there is such an institution will augment the use of it. See on facebook the very nice pictures from Musa Kayra’s album: https://www.facebook.com/heidi.trautmann.1 

I have arrived now at bottom level again, a deep void in front of me. But I am sure it will soon fill again. There is always a new crossroads ahead.

The book will be available at all bookstores: In Kyrenia with the young and active Ayca Soygür Cirali at Streetart Bookstore (at the entrance of the road to Bellapais, opp. Erduran Laboratories); Bestseller Bookstore; at the Deniz Plaza branches, Khora Bookstore, Isik Bookstore and Galeri Kültür in Nicosia; I will bring the books to Moufflon next week. However, you may also approach me directly if you wish in Yesiltepe, Tel. 0533 876 7470 or email: heiditrautmann@hotmail.com .

The price for the book (614 pages/ 4 kg) is TL 100.

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