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Artist under umbrella,2004,50x68,pastel
Artist under umbrella, 2004, 50x68, pastel
Boats at anchor,2007,29x40, acrylic on paper
Boats at anchor, 2007, 29x40, acrylic on paper
Bükü 1,2007,29x38,water colour and pastel
Bükü 1, 2007, 29x38, water colour and pastel
Bükü 3, 2007,27x37, pastel
Bükü 3, 2007, 27x37, pastel
Bükü 2,2007,33x47, water colour and pastel
Bükü 2, 2007, 33x47, water colour and pastel
Church in Edremit, 2003,44x60,acrylic on board
Church in Edremit, 2003, 44x60, acrylic on board
Coast nr. Lapta,2006,80x60,acrylic onboard
Coast nr. Lapta, 2006, 80x60, acrylic onboard
Coastline,2006,29x40,acrylic on paper
Coastline, 2006, 29x40, acrylic on paper
Dancing trees,2007,70x60,acrylic on canvas
Dancing trees, 2007, 70x60, acrylic on canvas
Edremit,2006,38x29,watercolour and pastel
Edremit, 2006, 38x29, watercolour and pastel
My dream,2006,53x36,acrylic on board
My dream, 2006, 53x36, acrylic on board
On the bridge,2004,40x60,acrylic on paper
On the bridge, 2004, 40x60, acrylic on paper
River harbour,2006,30x22,water colour and ink
River harbour, 2006, 30x22, water colour and ink
Sailing,2007,40x60,water colour and pastel
Sailing, 2007, 40x60, water colour and pastel
Stormy wheather,2003,49x60,acrylic on canvas,2003
Stormy wheather, 2003, 49x60, acrylic on canvas, 2003
Tree nr. Karpaz,2004,70x60,acrylic on board
Tree nr. Karpaz, 2004, 70x60, acrylic on board
View of Yesiltep,2003,acrylic on paper
View of Yesiltepe, 2003, acrylic on paper
Villa Manzara,2003,acrylic on board
Villa Manzara, 2003, acrylic on board
paintings -> landscapes

"Painting outdoors is for me a very satisfying work. Everything falls off me, nothing bothers me and I melt into nature, experiencing a very intense perception of the power of colour and temperature."

Heidi Trautmann
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