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Apr 10 - Traditional Textiles into Fashion

Press Release


Your Granny Can Fly:

Traditional Textiles into Fashion


Sunday, 10th April, 12:30

Lefkara Village (Lefkara Hotel & Restaurant)

Entrance: Free


“Come along to the show on the 10th and see how traditional textiles have been given new meaning & importance in hard-edged & creative fashion !”


Hylates, heritage & environmental consultancy from Limassol have teamed up with Grampus Heritage from the UK, the Devetaki Plateau Association from Bulgaria, Satul Verde from Romania and the Lefkara Municipality & Gymnasium  to create a fashion show with a difference. The Lefkara Hotel, with their art in the community brand, provides valuable support & the venue for a show at 12:30 on Sunday, 10th April. Featured will be 'Your Granny Can Fly: Traditional Textile into Fashion'. Models from Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria & the UK will show some ground-breaking use of 'Lefkaritika' in modern stylish costume plus traditional textiles from the UK, Bulgaria & Romania incorporated into trendy creations. The Lefkara Gymnasium offers some wacky input with lino-cut printed costume with 'pop-art' inspiration & traditional Cypriot motifs onto linen & denim. The show is supported by the European Union's 'Leonardo da Vinci' fund within the framework of a 10-country 'Development of Innovation' initiative called 'Green Village'. The part, which supports the Lefkara show, is under 'Empowering Communities'.


Come along to Lefkara and to see how the village's lace-makers have joined forces with young people & trainers & craft-workers from the UK, Romania  & Slovakia to create contemporary costume - it has been a revelation.


Special Thanks to ­ Aristodemos Aristodemou & Eli Raouna from  Pano Lefkara  ­ Eli Korniotou from Kato Drys  ­ Panayiota Demetriou from Kato Lefkara  ­  Students of Lefkara Gymnasium & their Art-Teachers Angeliki Sophocleous & Marios Varellas  ­  Jenny Bush, Manuela Beloescu, Monica Oprean, Adriana Patkova & Thomas Hadjikyriacou  ­  Martin Clark  ­ Christos Avraam  ­ Staff of Lefkara Hotel & Restaurant

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