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740 - ARTTERAPI Adult Students Exhibition at the Public Library Girne - A way to personal freedom

By Heidi Trautmann

ARTTERAPI, Art Therapy Centre in Girne….I have been following the Centre’s activities for some time now because it is built on a kind of philosophy that I totally agree with not only where the fine arts are concerned but the approach to the ‘core’ of the individual.

Bahar Cirali, many of the readers of my website may well know her in the meantime, is the founder of the Centre, and you can see her handwriting when you enter the rooms of the recent exhibition. It is on the first floor above the Public Library, and she has transformed the three small rooms into an enchanted place of art; she acted as the curator of her students and her students and the visitors will learn that the way art is presented is just as important in order to make a statement. With red tapes on the floor Bahar gives directions and at the same time the impression that art, or rather the execution of art, its production and presentation is the clear statement: It is not enough to make art but you have to live art.

 Six adult students have their work of one year on display. As Bahar explains to me, and later the students confirm it themselves, they have been working with her for one year only;  they come from different background and had hardly any knowledge in the vast domain of the arts.

Aliye Mentes (architect);  Aysel Ürel (director of her own company);  Begün Tuncali (Auditor - Bank);  Filiz Özerk (retired from Ziraat Bank);  Pervin Özgeçen (retired from Meteoroglogy Office);  Seniz Fasli Etkin (English teacher).  All of them said that they love the classes and can hardly wait for the next class to take place; one student lives in Güzelyurt, works in Nicosia but comes all the way to Girne to come to the Centre. Aliye who works as architect in England said that she widens her limits her profession gives her designing to the customers’ ideas, she had got stuck in her creativity. Others said that they become personally free and they go home singing. To create is the answer for them and to become free.

Bahar explained further that during their classes she talks to the students about modern art and artists, their philosophy and working styles (Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Richard Hamilton, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock) and then she asks them to apply these artists’ styles in their own works, to learn that there are many ways to art, to become loose in movement and mind and to learn to use the tools, colour and brushes, canvas and paper. If the reader could see the studio rooms you would agree that the atmosphere furthers freedom of movement and mind, there is no need to take care, walls and floors are full of paint and the students may swing the brush freely.

There are so many rules and limitations in our lives, it does good to allow oneself to concentrate on the health of one’s own soul and mind. Painting makes many things clear and believe me, there is no right and wrong in the arts as long as you master the tools you are using.

The exhibition is on until February 21, 2015 and viewing times are daily 16:00 – 19:00 hrs. Otherwise contact Bahar via sanatterapi@gmail.com or 0533 848 2888.  

Fm left: Heidi Trautmann, Nilay Tunçalp (Director of Cultural Dept.) and Bahar Çıralı
Fm left: Heidi Trautmann, Nilay Tunçalp (Director of Cultural Dept.) and Bahar Çıralı

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