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Mar 25 : Alliance of TULIPS Cancer Association with LEMAR for Loyality Cards

On Friday 25 March at 10 a.m. at Lemar Alsancak we would like to officially launch our alliance with Lemar and to promote the Lemar Loyalty card in aid of Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association.  Mr Engin Savim will be at the presentation representing the Association along with representatives of Lemar Supermarkets.

The aim of the loyalty card is to provide all Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association supporters who have signed up for a Lemar Loyalty card to be entitled to an immediate 3% off their shopping when purchasing at a Lemar Store using the Loyalty Card and over and above this a further 2% will be donated to Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association charity.
At the end of each month the 2% donation can be collected by the charity from the Lemar Head Office in Lefkosa.
It is a total win, win situation.  It does not cost anything to apply for a loyalty card, immediate 3% saving on your bill and the charity gets the extra 2%.  The more people that sign up for the card, whatever nationality, the more money the charity can make.

The loyalty cards can be used in any Lemar Supermarket across the whole of the TRNC.  The only restriction is that no discount is available on Alcohol, Tobacco or Newspapers.

This kind of regular income is invaluable for the Association, with their current high monthly costs, to keep them up and running.....
Lemar are very keen to support our charity as best they can and they will also be providing occasional gifts i.e. Hamper for fund raising events that we hold every now and then.  As they recently did for our International Ladies Night.

It would be great if you could come along on Friday and take some photos and perhaps ask any questions about this promotion.  Your help in getting this information out to our supporters is always very much appreciated.


Carole and Sue

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