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963: My usual Christmas and New Year Letter 2018

To the Readers of my website, I wish you peace, health, a good family and friends. I will be away until end of January when I will pick up my routine again with reviews and news on the local art scene. You will have realised that I am no longer able to visit all art events, concerts as I used to, but with my 77 years I avoid to drive at night but I will continue to do as much as I can. I am very happy to see the art scene being so vibrant as never before. 

Dear family, dear friends,

I reread my letter of last year and realized that not much has changed. Girne is still at our feet and I just love to see it at all hours of the day, here is a painting/collage I did, with the view from our eagle’s nest using Turkish coffee. Our Max, the last one of our three cats has left us; we buried him in the valley where he was at home for all the 15 years of his life.

My heart is still just as heavy when I see the things I was complaining about getting worse. The trend in many countries of our world, the so-called civilized world, is to become introvert, shutting down communication, cooperation, seeking to fend off units that wear different colours, egos first, bringing out the very basic primitive traits of human species, to put it briefly, going backwards. Political leaders of the world forget that they are meant to be servants of their people; they develop into masters of life and death, they ignore human rights and follow the scorched earth policy, sucking the country empty of its riches, its beauty and culture. They say they follow the will of the people, during election times it might be true but, honestly, is it not tricking people into something, does the politician really understand what he is doing, and do the people really know what they want? For all professions on the market a proper document must be provided to prove that the applicant is able and educated enough to fill the position, not in politics, NO, anybody can become the leader of a country.

We were constantly living under the risk of Damocles’ sword never knowing when the fanatic murderous rage of ISIS was hitting one of us, a scourge of mankind born in some fanatic’s brain but what is the reason behind it, for killing mostly innocent people. Religious wars? In my opinion it is the abuse by mad men, dictators who declare themselves religious leaders. The world should find back to use religion as a healing method and not as license to kill.

What did I read today? Trump has acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel….what is this? It makes me sick to just think about it. It means pouring oil into the fire.

I was reading a book recently about the colonization of Africa, about how the colonial powers abused a whole continent and later left them completely alone when independence was declared, how for example America and its CIA had their corrupt and often deathly fingers in local politics in order to retain the possibility to exploit the country’s riches. The African continent is still struggling for many different reasons. However, it gives me hope when I see the many African students on our island, young and highly intelligent people, they look self-confident and I do hope they will help their country onto stable feet one day.

In the Northern part of the island we will have early elections, let us hope that it will be for a better future, there are new parties with young people who want changes, changes that are necessary we believe, since a coexistence with the south part was denied to us.

Environment, deep damages in our environment, not only here but worldwide, still so many are reluctant to abandon the use of plastic, and why are there no laws? Politicians fear to lose their positions, the support they get from the market. Short-sightedness.

Tourism…. it is also shortsighted to fill air planes and hotels with cheap tourism, it does not help the country, the local business, the service will be getting worse, which will not make people come more often. Tourism is a highly sensitive market and especially when tourists are taken through main roads which left and right are literally covered in plastic waste.

Young people are beautiful to look at, especially here on the island, but what the hell is this fashion about? Funny enough, it is the same everywhere we realized when we traveled to Germany and America/Louisiana in the course of this year.  In the summer months the girls were wearing shortest shorts, torn and ugly, some figures were not made for it, Jeans torn and I heard expensive, girls and boys alike; the young men wearing all the same beards. Do our young people no longer look in the mirror? Do they hide from something, do they lack confidence? Fashion should be used to accentuate the character, the same is with hair styles; why do they all want to look alike, I wonder? Please have the courage to be an individualist…

From here to women and sexual abuse… the theme is as old as Methuselah, only… today they speak about it. It used to be the currency for a job a young woman badly wanted. It had to do with the respect for women going after a career or rather the lack of it; women belonged behind the kitchen counter. Those men who are now in the public eye were used to get what they wanted… and none of the women abused dared to say something because there was always a certain doubt left, …she must have wanted it, provoked it… so here my respect for those who opened up…although it should not lead to unjustified revenge acts.


Let’s talk about something positive and relax. I am amazed to see how many talented young people there are and I think it is very positive that they get a chance to show it in public at these worldwide talent shows, it gives young people, also without any money and little chance for higher education, energy and determination to do something about it.

I am happy to say that art education in all aspects is improving on our island and I found it not only in private initiatives and art schools, but also on municipality levels, art classes in fine arts, drama, dance and so on, also photography. Ceramic art schools for children and adults are being established and regular exhibitions at the end of the year are held. School classes are for the first time taken to artists’ exhibitions, I had five classes come to my exhibition, and it seems to become a habit now.

Art education has always been an important theme for me, children need to learn from early age on to use their senses and being able to judge a situation properly will be helping them in later life and career.


And this leads me to the best thing that happened at the end of the year 2017, that is the arrival of yet another grandchild, Jana Katarina, born on 09 November. We shall be traveling to Munich to meet her and the fresh parents who are very happy but seemingly tired and struggling to get used to the demands of their little daughter. May she grow up in a more peaceful world where people respect each other.



Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year 2018



We are deeply grateful to have a big family with all members in relative good health, it gives us a warm and safe feeling .The world will continue to turn with us and we shall give our best to be good world citizens.


It is likewise important to have good friends, some of our childhood friends have already left us but they will not be forgotten and the friends that are still with us on this level of existence, may they continue to be part of our worldwide circle which makes life so interesting and colourful.


Heidi and Kalle 






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