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689 - Announcement by the Goethe: Learn German!

KulturNachrichten - Newsletter 78/2014
We still have few vacant seats left in our new beginners German Language Courses, which will start coming Saturday, 27th September 2014. Late-coming adults can enroll in our Saturday afternoon course starting from 3.00 pm and interested kids aged 11-15 years of age can still get a seat in our Saturday morning course starting from 9.00 am.

Those who prefer to join courses which are held twice per week can also do so: there are still a few seats left in our afternoon and evening classes, which have just started, but newcomers are still admitted!

Pull yourself together and give yourself a push: Learn German NOW! It’s easier than you think and…it’s fun as well. Adults can improve their job chances in Europe, where 100 million speak German as their mother tongue (much more than English or French!), and youngsters may want to study in Germany in the future: for free!

We are waiting for you!


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