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1100-2 Literature event at Atelier 55-57 ‘Five plus One’ on 01 July 2021 M. Kansu’s latest book

M. Kansu’s latest book ‘Time passes with the Clouds’


By Heidi Trautmann


Atelier 55-57, a newly renovated building in the Arabahmet Quarter of Nicosia, hosts two events on July 01, on the ground floor Mehmet Kansu will present among others his latest book at 18.00 hrs and half an hour later is the opening of the Postal Artists Books on the upper floor. Two independent events, however, I mean, there is a connection, the books created with written words against the books created with all kind of speaking materials, a story or poem is created in both ways.


‘Five plus One’ - Kansu’s five latest books, and the plus One is the Mehmet Kansu’s  Biography written by Eralp Adanir who took the material from his vast archive. It will be interesting to read.

Guests are invited to discuss with Kansu and his friends the position of literature today, it is an important question, as people tend to prefer the visual messages and don’t find the time to read whole books or poems, also the communication takes place by means of symbols, languages have become poor, where they were so rich before, also the spoken language has umbrella terms for many descriptive adjectives.

Guests are welcome to pose questions and have a poem of their choice read and discussed.


An evening to enjoy books from different angles of view in one only building. Please read my text for the other event which starts at 18.30 hrs.





Book presentation:
Book presentation: 'Time passes with the Clouds'

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