Heidi Trautmann

Sep 28 - Oct 1 - Cypriot Travellers Exhibition – Travelling somewhere is a journey to yourself



By Heidi Trautmann


A rather unusual exhibition opening on September 28 at the V.Ismet Güney Art Centre in Nicosia for just four days until October 1. An art exhibiton? Yes, in some way, an exhibition to show the art of travelling. Turkish Cypriots tell their experiences from their individual journeys to many countries around the world. But, it is not about stories of new countries discovered, it is about the individual discovery, it is about collecting mementos, memoirs, treasures brought back home to share with others. There will be photos, videos, memoir installations – for example a work of match boxes collected from many countries – there will be paintings by travelling artists, stories , travel reports written and hidden in floating bottles to be opened and read. 20 exhibitors in their 20 corners, people of all age groups, people of different social backgrounds, people who have intensively travelled. They will be there to talk, to exchange ideas, to advise people, encourage them to do likewise.


Tağmaç Çankaya, organizing the event, a young man with vivid black eyes full of passion for the cause: “It is about high time that the Turkish Cypriots start putting their trekking shoes on to go out, out of their  anxieties, away from the island, to see for themselves what the world has to offer. They should start realising that they are world citizens, that the whole world belongs to them. They should stop hiding behind excuses for themselves why they cannot dare to leave the security of their island to travel. Most of those who travel do it within the safe circle of guided tours. A first step, but not enough to get in touch with the people of other countries, not enough time to sit down and communicate, no opportunities to look behind the curtains.  It is much more satisfying to travel simple and rely on the friendliness of people.”


The final idea behind the event is to initiate a travelling community in North Cyprus, to construct a net of support, of exchange and communication. “Travel simple but get back home rich with new experiences. We aim to encourage especially young people to see , to discover, to experience and come back to share and to add it as a value to his/her own society. 

It will widen the net of travel communication for Turkish Cypriots on their way to World Citizenship. We must not wait that others decide for us, we must act and take destiny in our own hands.”


The venue of exhibition, the V.Ismet Güney Art Centre, was made available by the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture. The opening will be on Tuesday, September 28 at 19:00 hrs, the daily viewing times are 18:00 to 22.00 hrs.

Call mobile tel. no. 0533 8665538 for further information.



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