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77 - A big thank you from the Tulips Angels Sue and Carole


There are helping hands all around us working for a good cause and they need to be acknowledged and thanked.


A special thank you goes to Judy Bristow, who sadly lost her husband Gary recently and our heartfelt sympathy goes to her on her loss.  The friends at Gary’s funeral  made donations for Tulips amounting to 345TL.
A huge thank you to Steve Templeman and Bidi McIntyre who recently held an Art Exhibition in Girne - "Elements of the North Cyprus Landscape". They had very kindly offered to donate a percentage of their takings to Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association which the Tulips Angels were able to collect after the exhibition amounting to 520TL.  They have informed us that they will continue to sell their art cards with a 10% donation to the Association. 

It is good to have friends and supporters.

The Tulips Angels
The Tulips Angels

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