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September 1 - 26 - 7th Theatre Festival in North Cyprus

For seven years in a row the Lefkoşa Belediye Tiyatrosu – Nicosia Municiple Theatre – one of our theatre companies of high standard under the management of Yaşar Ersoy have - for many years and through various hard times -  organised the theatre festival in North Cyprus. The programme includes nine plays of different genres to be performed by well-respected  theatre companies in order to present to the audience the wide spectrum of theatre.


The venue for all the plays will be the Atatürk Cultural Centre at the Near East University at 21:00 hrs except one play “Kimin Eşek Kulaği var?”by the Satirigo Theatre on September 22.


 September 1:

“Images of Ottoman History” by the Konya State Theatre

Playwright: Turgut Özakman;  Director: Murat Atak

Satirical images to show how uprisings only bring unhappiness to people and how we should learn from history.


September 5:

“The Return of Marx” by the Dostlar Theatre

The play portrays the return of Karl Marx. Marx is given permission to return from some secular afterlife to give his opinion on today’s circumstances.


September 8:

“Cabaret” by Istanbul City Theatre

Playwright: Joe Masteroff; Director: Yücel Erten

The musical portrays Berlin in 1931 and tells the love story of a cabaret star and an American writer. The play became famous through the film which starred Liza Minelli.


September 11:

“Those with Masks” by the Istanbul City Theatre

Playwright: Ilan Hatsor; Director: Taner Barlas

The dramatic relationship between three brothers in wartorn Palestine (written by an Israeli).


September 16:

“Educating Rita” by the Adana State Theatre

Playwright Willy Russel; Director Işil Kasapoğlu

In this dramatic comedy a literature professor meets a hairdresser who prefers to read trite romances. With the help of the professor, she learns to broaden her literary taste through learning to discriminate, thus gaining self-confidence.


September 21:

“Animal Farm” by the Sivas State Theatre

Playwright George Orwell; Director: ?

Animal Farm is a dystopian novel published in England in 1945. The book reflects events leading up to and during the era of Stalin before World War II. Orwell was a critic of Stalin.  In Animal Farm, the animals revolt openly against the unfairness of human beings.


September 22:

“Who has a Donkey Ear?” by the Satirigo Theatre

A puppet show discussing human characteristics as they should be in an ideal world, with respect to nature, environment, honesty… (The performance starts at 19:00 hrs)


September 24:

“Praised for a comfortable living” by the Pera Theatre

Adaptation of Bertold Brecht’s texts; Director Nesrin Kazankaya

A musical cabaret uncovering the currents under the surface of bourgeois life: poverty, corruption…


September 26:

“The Merchant of Venice” by Shakespeare adapted by playwright and director: Nesrin Kazankaya

Shakespeare’s text is adapted to today’s circumstances and reveals the position and relationship of Christians and Jews.


Tickets to individual plays are TL 15; a ticket to all the plays is TL 100. Tickets are available at the Lefkoşa Belediye Theatre, Tel. 22 78 782;

email: lefkosabelediyetiyatrosu@hotmail.com


I am sure that tickets will also be available at the usual outlets such as Deniz Plaza.

All plays are in Turkish, but as I said before in my website, good theatre can be understood in any spoken language as the body language will prevail and it is very interesting how scenes are built up in comparison to plays one has perhaps seen before on other stages.




Images of Osman History
Images of Osman History

The Return of Marx
The Return of Marx


Those with masks
Those with masks

Educating Rita
Educating Rita

Animal Farm
Animal Farm

Praised for comfortable livinh
Praised for comfortable livinh

The Merchant of Venice
The Merchant of Venice

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