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895 : If Aphrodite were reborn, she would be shocked - Art Exhibition Ahmet Erman Karagöz

Art Exhibition Ahmet Erman Karagöz – 31 Oct – 12 Nov, 2016 at the Ismet Güney Art Centre

By Heidi Trautmann

One of the other exciting exhibitions I have seen still during the time of our moving from Yesiltepe to Girne was the big solo exhibition with Ahmet Erman Karagöz at the Ismet Vehit Güney Art Centre in Nicosia.

Large sized paintings in strong colours on the ancient stone walls. The artist is present, also his wife Ipek Denizli Karagöz, the curator, who has some good experience in managing art events. Both young passionate artists, both art teachers, both eager to communicate with international art workshops, very similar in their approach.

He is one of the young artists who for the last years participated in the TRNC Youth competitions and has been awarded with the Youth prize. He is an aggressive young conceptual painter who works big and I have the impression that he uses his whole body when working on his big canvasses.

While our local artists of the older generation become softer in colour and expression or rather more sophisticated and sometimes ironic when they work on the theme of the island and rather concentrate on memories, the younger generation jumps right into the centre of our problems. With hand and feet and with all the strong colours the palette has to offer. With passion and involvement, without glossing things over, direct: ugly things remain ugly, there is no beating about the bush. The young artists go protesting in the streets, literally and in a metaphorical way, they take part in social and political developments and make it their theme. Is it because they have not yet accumulated memories?  It is good to have them, the young artists, because we the older generation tend to put things into perspective.

Ahmet Erman Karagöz speaks to me about his theme ‘Aphrodite’s fears’, what would Aphrodite say if she were reborn, would come back to the island and see the chaos that reigns on all levels, political, social and environmental. The island’s assets destroyed, the untouched beauty of beaches covered in cement buildings for the entertainment of tourists, no trees, no flowers to be discovered anymore and we all look on. Aphrodite screams, loud and clear.

Will the goddess of love be able to restore her reign again, I asked myself. I did not ask Ahmet.

See the photos I took and decide for yourself.


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