Heidi Trautmann

590 - Lost Landscape Art Exhibition by Ismet Değirmenci at the ArtRooms Kyrenia

By Heidi Trautmann


One early afternoon after the opening I went to see ‘Lost Landscape’. Perhaps it was my being alone with the works, I developed a feeling of being lost. A fleeting moment out of a train window, yes, that would describe my impression of the exhibition. I was sitting in a wagon, cold and miserable, staring out into a sort of nothingness, trees on a string, endless. Sketches of an unhappy human being coming out of the hardship of life being drawn through another boredom and arriving nowhere…. My personal impression as the visitor of an art exhibition.

Let us see what our intellectual artist Ümit Inatçı thinks about the exhibition:

“….Our biggest concern is that, under the conditions of the metropolitan life with its vertiginous speed, instincts hidden in our nature are mortified. It is not true that every individual needs an ordo amoris under such conditions? According to Realist Phenomenology care and devotion makes the human activity of perception of nature more distinct. But since man is not only a being of perception but also of action, for how long will he treat nature in front-inside which he lives as an object of his desires? Does he not need a creative distance, a staying apart?….With the points made in mediation of philosophy above, we can begin grasping the silence that Ismet Değirmenci assumes in his paintings….Ismet Değirmenci has a distress. “Boredom” is one of the toughest problems to which the modern metropolitan succumbs. This feeling about finiteness and nothingness causes reason to shrink, whereas man falls vanquished as to what to say. The inhumanity of boredom gives us the possibility to have a perspective on our very humanity, says Lars Svendsen, a contemporary philosopher. In fact, the harmony which Değirmenci attempts to reach through silence is the very emptiness the art of Zen focuses upon. …..and so on.


The exhibition is still open to the public until o4 January at ArtRooms Gallery at the House (opposite the Colony Hotel). The House opens at 12.00 noon until late.



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