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May 19 - Sidestreets - A Taste of International Experimental Shortfilms


Sidestreets – New Event


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A Taste of Experimental Short Films


On Tuesday, 19 May at 8:00 p.m.,  Sidestreets will be presenting a first smorgasbord of experimental short films by David Lynch, Peter Greenaway, Man Ray, Hans Richter, Özgür Özcan, Elvan Dülgeroğlu/Tuğba Tokat, and Rabia Otoloğ.

            After the screenings (which require no translation, and will take about 45 minutes), there will be (in Turkish) a presentation and discussion of experimental short films by film-maker Özgür Özcan.


David Lynch, “The Alphabet” (USA, 1968; color & b/w, sound; 4 minutes)

This film combines animation and live action in a simple narrative structure relating a symbolically rendered expression of childhood and aging. As a result of this short film, Lynch was awarded an American Film Institute production grant and became a minor celebrity.


Peter Greenaway, “Intervals” (UK, 1969/1973; color, sound; 6 minutes)

This is a black and white film essay, ostensibly de-romanticizing Venice through shots of the back alleys and canals, and denying its commanding characteristic of water.


Man Ray, “Return to Reason” (Paris, 1923; b/w, silent; 2 minutes)

This improvisation premiered during the controversial “Bearded Heart” event at the Michel Theater organized by Tristan Tzara, and caused a small riot.


Hans Richter, “Ghosts before Breakfast” (Baden-Baden, 1927; b/w, sound; 6 minutes)

Inspired by a scenario written by Werner Graeff, entitled “The Firearms’ Rebellion,” this film premiered at the Baden-Baden music festival in 1928. Actors: Paul Hindesmith, Werner Graeff, Hans Richter, Darius and Madeleine Milhaud, Jean Osser, Walter Gronostay.


Özgür Özcan, “Eternal Return” (Istanbul, 2008; b/w, sound; 4 minutes)

20th Ankara Film Festival – Experimental Film Competition Finalist (2009); Intenational Shorts On the Road - Vienna Screening (2009); Cyprus International Short Film Festival (2009); 14th European Festival On Wheels – Experimental Film Screenings (2008); 8th !F İstanbul Independent Film Festival (2008).


“Eternal Return” is an experimental work that explores a philosophical question based on Nietzsche’s depiction of the individual who, facing the same, and more difficult obstacles, constantly returns to the same points of beginning: “the Super-Man should exceed those barriers” But to bring the Super-Man and eternal return one must surmount the obstacle of God. The character in the film who turns his back to the direction of Mecca (Muslim turn) represents the spiritual man living a duality and state of conflict state is fragmented in time and space; what does one face when one turns away from God?


Özgür Özcan, “Witches through the Looking-Glass” (Istanbul, 2008; color, sound; 1 minute 35 secs)

19th Ankara Film Festival – Best Experimental Movie Award (2008); 61st Cannes Film Festival Best Turkish Shorts Catalogue (2008); Estonia – Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival / Sleepwalkers Cycle (2008); 5th Akbank Short Film Festival – Out Competition Screenings (2008).


“Witches Through The Looking Glass” is a visual and sentimental experimental video, searching for different arrivals through deformation of a well known destination. It deconstructs and reconstructs a web-based found video and a sound work to create polyptich frames, a claustrophobic effect, and an erotic spectrum, inventing resistances to pressures on independent individuals in the contemporary world. 


Özgür Özcan, “LOGOS” (Istanbul, 2007; b/w & color, sound; 8 minutes 30 secs)

19th Ankara International Film Festival – Experimental Competition (2008); 7th      !F Istanbul Independent Film Festival (2008); 1st Golden Boll Mediterranean Shorts Festival – Exp. Competition (2008);            1st Cyprus International Short Film Festival (2008).


LOGOS represents a spiritual journey through a triptych: “Prolog: Patchwork,” “Monolog: Purification,” and “Epilog: Union.” The story of an old lady reflects the fundamental rational structure of universe, and a harmony of conflicts; we witness her last-minute purification and a continuum of imaginative faith. The idea of “Logos” is opposed to coincidences and randomness; according to Heraclitus, it is an immense ethical structure that works like a clock set over the cosmos. This ‘personal period’ is external and enigmatic as a matter of fact, and esoteric as a way of life signified by the old lady (a video protagonist in the film), who wants to end her personal life regrettıng that she is a representational figure in an inevitable structure of social rules, including religious pressures and individual human responsibilities. Within a context of abstract forms and rhythms, the film experiments with mystical elements of the cosmos by aurally and visually constructing a ritual around Logos.


Elvan Dülgeroğlu and Tuğba Tokat, “Becoming Insane” (Kyrenia, 2008; color, sound; 6 minutes 40 seconds)


A short film regarding "becoming a stranger in postmodern times."


Rabia Otoloğ, “…” (Kyrenia, 2009; color, sound; 5 minutes)


A short film regarding "becoming a stranger in postmodern times" through visualizing music.





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