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Dec 11 - Book Presentation at Deniz Plaza - Ali Nesim's Templos/Zeytinlik

Presentation of Ali Nesim’s new book: Templos/Zeytinlik – Social Life and Culture


Presentation at Deniz Plaza in Girne/Kyrenia on December 11, from 3 to 5 pm



Ali Nesim is a very important person to me; he is not only a friend but he is one of the first persons in this country who has taken the work I was doing seriously. He has introduced me to many personalities of the local art scene, has told me about the artists and has helped me along all the way.

Perhaps it is that we are born the same year, in 1941, he was born in Templos I was born in Königsberg, a famous old Prussian University town, today in Russian hands.

I interviewed him in 2006 and with some paragraphs I would like to introduce him and the Zeytinlik surroundings where he grew up and about which he cannot stop writing.


He was always involved with the Olive Festival right from the beginning and has contributed and collected many stories, legends and wisdom which are the heritage of Cyprus.


On the occasion of the Olive Festival 2009 he has published a new book “Templos – Social Life and Culture of Zeytinlik” a collection of stories and testimonies, photographs and old sayings of this village Zeytinlik. It is in Turkish and English. He was very rushed to finish it for the festival so a small part of the English translation is not as correct as he wanted it.


So, let us meet him and hear what he has to say and you can ask him about the old life.



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