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Dec 3 - 11 - "XIX. National Photography Competiton Exhibition”



The 19th annual National Photography Competiton Exhibition, organised by the Department of Culture of the Turism, Culture and Environment Ministry, will be held from  3 – 11 December 2009 at the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM)

for the viewing by art lovers.


The aim of the competition is to develop further the interest in Turkish Cypriot Photography and support this field by bringing together photographers and enabling them to exhibit their art.  This year 67 photographers have participated in this competition which aims at setting a standard to photography as an art form.


The members of the jury are Nevzat Çakır, Muhsin Divan and Erdal Yazıcı who are all famous photographers from Turkey.  The selections was made on Friday, November 6th, 2009.  The same day there was a presentation by the Members of the Jury on the art of Photography at the Atatürk Cultural Center. 


All art lovers are invited. 


The first three prizes were awarded to


The Shoemaker- Tijen Özerdağ

My dreams at my window - Giray Karahasan

Memory of Gemikonağı – Tuğrul Yaşarcan


Jury’s Special Price

Mehmet Şık

Tijen Özerdağ
Tijen Özerdağ

Giray Karahasan
Giray Karahasan

Tugrul Yasarcan
Tugrul Yasarcan

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