Heidi Trautmann

834 - Nicholas Panayi Art School Event 2016 - Year exhibition 2016

By Heidi Trautmann

In his opening speech Nicholas Panayi read to the audience a message he has received from one of his students defining what art is for her...I don’t remember all but it came to: ‘Art is a very important means of communication – (because creative people speak the same language) – and art is the best medicine for body and soul.” This is so true and actually I should place this at the end of my review as a nice conclusion.

I must confess I was a little envious of this warm show of solidarity between students and teacher, of the excellent cooperation to - within only two days - set up this exhibition, but who would not be when he has seen not only the exhibition as such but the masses of people that have come to the opening of the ‘ART EVENT 2016’ of the Nicholas Panayi Art School.

Works by 50 art students, you could recognize them by the number; a section for sculpture and a section for photography and finally a inspiring section with works by children.

Nicholas Panayi’s Art School is in my eyes one of the local best private art schools because the teaching is done with involvement and is based on high knowledge in all fields and the interest to introduce the students to the arts from the very beginning, including art history and its use of tools, arts in the multi-dimensional aspects, human dimensions and the wide field of nature.

There are the strict laws of pencil drawing, the  painting at arm length, the freedom of brushstroke; there are the summer courses out in the fields of nature; there are the yearly visits to the world’s cultural centres.

We as the Thursday Art Group have visited the art school, read under the following link:


There is not much more left to say, look for yourself at my photos I took at the opening. And for further information, here is the FB link



The exhibition is open until 23 January 2016, viewing times 10:00 – 13:00 and 16:00 – 20:00 hrs; Saturday 17:00 – 20:00 hrs.


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