Heidi Trautmann

400 b - One summer evening in Cyprus - Response II - J.W.von Goethe

Another Response to Heidi Trautmann’s article “One summer evening in Cyprus” by a friend living in Cyprus; thank you for sharing it with us.



Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Born: 28 August 1749
Free Imperial City of Frankfurt, Holy Roman Empire

Died: 22 March 1832(1832-03-22) (aged 82)
Weimar, Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, German Confederation

Occupation: Poet, Novelist, Playwright, Natural Philosopher, Diplomat, Civil servant



By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Translation: E.A. Bowring (1815)


Once through the forest


Alone I went;


To seek for nothing


My thoughts were bent.



I saw i' the shadow


A flower stand there


As stars it glisten'd,


As eyes 'twas fair.



I sought to pluck it,—


It gently said:


“Shall I be gather'd


Only to fade?”



With all its roots


I dug it with care,


And took it home


To my garden fair.



In silent corner


Soon it was set;


There grows it ever,


There blooms it yet.




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