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20 - British Residents Social Club at the Altinkaya Holiday Resort – A Welcome Activity



By Heidi Trautmann

When members of the BRS feel like meeting for lunch among friends, enjoying some hours at the pool, they can do so at the new BRS Social Club. If they want to meet and play bridge or even learn how to play, they can meet at the BRS Social Club. For any other pastime like scrabble, quiz meetings, there is room for you. Barbequeues, parties, dances, whatever you want to do on a lovely summer evening, you can do it at the BRS Social Club. Just regularly check the announcements in situ or on the BRS website.

The idea to establish this facility was born by Mr Ali Yaliman, a friend of mine with whom I have worked in journalism for many years. This idea of his met with immediate positive reaction by the BRS board members and has now been established bodily in the form of a small office at the Altinkaya Holiday Resorts. Mr Ali Yaliman is the appointed General Coordinator and has discussed and arranged for all points with the hotel management in order to make all hotel facilities available to BRS members and grant special rates for the consumption of food and drinks. It suffices to show the BRS membership card.


You have never been to the Altinkaya Holiday Resort? Turn off towards Bellapais, shortly after the crossing you will find the resort on the right hand side. A very clean comfortable hotel, with the main house and a row of bungalows, a well cared for garden around a big swimming area and across the road a top of the roof bar with a second swimming pool. The British housekeeper took me around the main hotel building: “Guests return year after year, staying for as long as two months each time. They like the familiar atmosphere and feel very comfortable.” I agree, the reading room is very comfortable, nicely old fashioned with leather furniture, a corner for TV viewers, another for readers, and for the cold winter days there is an open fire burning all day long.  The centre of the city of Kyrenia is close by just 2 km away, with the facility of using a shuttle bus, the nearest beach just 2 km away, and the next supermarket 5 minutes to walk.


A place British residents will feel very comfortable in. I mean, there are many places British people meet already, but there was nothing comparable.  Mr Ali Yaliman and Colin Mulcahy are working on a plan of activities to offer to the members.  They have thought of getting closer to the local art and culture scene by inviting people to lecture on such subjects or organising guided tours to special events such as Open Studios in Nicosia on both sides of the green line, important exhibitions and visit of arts and culture venues. Plans are are also on the agenda for a jazz night and a book club if member responses support them.


It is a lovely idea and as the place is in the centre of the island, also interesting for members in the remote parts of it; to come for an event in Kyrenia, Bellapais or Nicosia? Nothing easier than that, no need to return home at night, they can book a room at a special rate.


Mr Ali Yaliman will be available for your questions on 5 days a week, Mon – Fri, from 9.30 am to 5 pm. His mobile: 0542-874 0040.


Already announced is a series of Bridge lessons commencing on Thursday, 8th July. A range of further activities will be announced soon. For Beginner Bridge Lessons please contact Malcolm Davies 0533 8459714.


The BRS will operate its 6th contact point at the Altinkaya Resort every Tuesday 10:00-12:00 to deal with membership applications and renewals and to provide an information service.


Members can have their names added to a mailing list of the “BRS Social Club” by sending an email to: brssocialclub@gmail.com.





 0542 8740040




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BRS Committee Members plus BRS Gen.Coordinator from left to right:  Colin Mulcahy, Julia Price, Ali Yaliman (General Coordinator of BRS Club), David Brown, Stephen Day.








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