Heidi Trautmann

896:Emin Cizenel and his INSULA – Art Exhibition at the ArtRooms in Kyrenia

By Heidi Trautmann


“INSULA”… Emin Cizenel says… “is an ‘island’ story emerging from a place where art does not tell stories…. It is the ‘four drawers’ of an artist’s archaeological deepened in his private space. The eternal form of being an islander is like a lament for what has been torn or lost. And the ‘memory rooms’, a concept that can be traced back to Walter Benjamin. They refuse to fall into exotic forms of expression, and they are visualized and metaphorically divided into section as ‘four drawers’.”


His exhibition of this year at the ArtRooms – which by the way has undergone a drastic and fantastic change into twice the space as before – my congratulations – is a puzzle work of the tales he told us in the past about his feelings - profoundly researched - of his island continued by this year’s work. He speaks of ‘four drawers’ : Aşkkule – Monti – Mare Mare  and Peace Prize Antiques. Yes, he once told me, he is a researcher, an explorer and adventurer, but, he added – a disciplined one. I always was fascinated by the planning he made about a new art project, planning phases he noted down on sheets of paper fixed to the wall of his studio – and – he included these thought phases into the final presentation, they make part of his work, are often included or transcribed onto the canvas or drawing paper.  I include here a link to what I wrote about the complete exhibition of his tale ‘Peace Prize Antiques’ at CVAR….


I like his playfulness, his sometimes ironic twist, and the joy he takes in experimenting, seeking the adventure in the field of art. In my opinion it is not the big thing he is after but the small sign hidden like a needle in a hay stack. When you regard his large paintings, it is a small imprint, a circle or half-moon that catches your eye, in a metaphorical way you could this philosophy into our daily life style….

Emin Cizenel plays with the structure of his paintings, I am sure there is nothing he has not tried, photography, soot of a candle, whatever makes a shape or gives off some colour, is useful. Art starts in the head, with your senses, this proves true with Emin Cizenel.


The exhibition is still on until 04 December, usually from midday to midnight according to the opening times of the restaurant above The House.  Contact and Information under Tel No. 0533 855 6804. 

PS: I must confess, the photos are not too good but it has partly to do with the installation of lights directly above the paintings which throw shadows I cannot eliminate them with flash and flash with oil paintings is poison... 

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