Heidi Trautmann

932: The 1st Çatalköy International VOUNOUS Terra Cotta Symposium Sep 01 – 16, 2017 Part III


Visit of today:  September 07 – the Grand Opening

By Heidi Trautmann


A very touching atmosphere of unity reigned over the ancient site of Vounous Necropolis: the descendants of those early inhabitants in this part of the island, on this very spot where their deads were buried, many hundreds of visitors came to honour them, the people who came from Anatolia, to honour the past. They have come to the opening of one of the most meaningful and beautifully prepared events in times when they needed it most. With similar words Rauf Ersenal, the initiator of the event, HE Mustafa Akinci, the Mayor of Catalköy as the supporting arm, contributed to the solemnity of the evening. The participating artists were waiting in their bamboo huts to explain to the people visiting what is was all about, to show the simple forms, to explain the ancient technique and the tools that were used.

After a spectacular sunset over the hills giving the blue sea a pink and purple touch at the horizon and with a lovely coolness coming over the place and us, drums were beating to announce the arrival of the maids of the hills, clad in white carrying a torch, led by …what looked like a priest…Şenol Özdevrim…. while arrow men sent illuminated arrows over our heads and sounding voices recounted the history of the place.


The artists continue to work and people interested are invited to come and watch them or even take up a lump of clay and have it eventually fired in the ancient way, in the open fire. Please also see the programme.





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