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Oct 2 - Lecture by Eric Lloyd Wright

Sidestreets, in collaboration with Cyprus International University, Onar Village and the NGO NeMe, is pleased to present a lecture by Eric LLoyd Wright on the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and his own work in relation to organic architecture and working with nature.

The lecture and Q&A, followed by a reception, will be held on Friday, 2 October at 2:30 p.m. in the Çevik Uraz Conference Room at Cyprus International University, and is free and open to the public.

For more information, please contact Sidestreets via www.sidestreets.org or Tel: 2293070.

Sidestreets/Arasokaklar ve Uluslararası Kıbrıs Üniversitesi
Eric Lloyd Wright’ın ‘Doğaya Uyum ve Organik Mimarlık’ bağlamında, Frank Lloyd Wright ve kendi çalışmalarından söz edeceği konferansa katılmanızdan onur duyacaktır.

2 Ekim 2009, 14:30, UKÜ Çevik Uraz Konferans Salonu

ERIC LLOYD WRIGHT is an architect and founder of Wright Way Organic Resource Center in Malibu, CA. During Eric's early years in architecture, he was an apprentice to his grandfather, Frank Lloyd Wright and his father, Lloyd Wright. His portfolio includes the restoration and renovation of Frank Lloyd Wright and Lloyd Wright works as well as residences and institutional buildings of his own design.

Wright’s current focus is on the evolution of Organic Architecture and Green Building design. His design philosophy is rooted in the integration of ecology, social responsibility and beauty. Through his years of design experience, he has developed an understanding that it is not the physical walls and roof, but the space within a building that forms its character - its soul. He gives careful thought to a project's physical, social and spiritual environment, with a focus on appropriate materials, quality, craftsmanship, and careful detailing. Wright believes that one of the most important aspects of the design process is the relationship between the client, the site and the architect. It is the client and site, together with the architect, that shape the design of a project.

The WRIGHT ORGANIC RESOURCE CENTER educates and activates people to be creative, aware, and environmentally responsible in all aspects of life. It provides opportunities for people in the Los Angeles area, especially youth, to experience the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright and Organic Architecture, encouraging the creative integration of Nature, Art and Community. Its goal is to spark the imagination of people who come to land and activate them to envision and participate in building a socially and environmentally connected world.

The Center is located in Malibu, California on a beautiful and rustic 24 acre site where it has a resource library and hosts workshops, events and a variety of demonstration projects. Wright Organic Resource Center is a project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, a not-for-profit organization which provides technical assistance towards its development as an independent entity.

The mission of the Center is to: teach and practice the concepts of Organic Architecture which have evolved through the life works of four generations of Wrights; develop ecological and social models for future generations; and create an environment for contemplation and exchange.

The Center has educational programs on ecological design; resource use; social and community structures; green lifestyles and business practices; alternative agriculture; the celebration of Nature’s cycles and spiritual renewal; and the creative and performing arts.

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