Heidi Trautmann

544- Art Exhibition at the Melina Mercouri Cultural Centre - Nicholas Panayi Art School


By Heidi Trautmann


On the evening of September 13 we went across to South Nicosia via the Lokmaci Crossing and turned left into the direction of the Archbishop Palais, towards the Famagusta Gate. It was a warm but pleasant night, you could feel the big summer heat is over. Hundreds of young people were sitting around the church in the small lanes at small bistro tables, it looked very inviting to join them. Right through the heart of the Old City we saw so many new restaurants in the streets with candles on the tables, how pleasant.

Past the Famagusta Gate, actually right on top of the moat is the Cultural Centre, part of it are antique walls with a glass building added. A perfect place for big exhibitions.

The place was swarming with people, parents with and without kids; the atmosphere was very inspiring. Theresa, wife of Nicholas Panayi, who is the teacher and director of the art school,  tried to cope with the masses that were flocking in. Theresa is the soul of the art school, she helps organizing wherever she can, but she also teaches languages, especially Portuguese.

I was amazed by the general standard of artistic understanding and approach; but I think that is due to Nicholas teaching methods and these are: teach the students the basics and how to use the tools but let them develop their own individual point of view; so we had a variety of so very different results on the walls of the exhibition hall. There is another thing he teaches and that is courage to experiment and to use the whole body for big paintings.

But judge for yourself, the whole range of photos you will find on my website. There were different sections: painting, lino cuts, ceramic, pencil drawing, objects, installations and photography. Nicholas said: “we have all age groups, from the age of 4 to over 60, and also have Turkish Cypriots attending our classes.”  I know two students from the North that are most enthusiastic about their art school.

Guests of the exhibition took us back to Lokmaci Crossing with their car; a Greek Cypriot with his beautiful girl friend from Brazil; he told us that he is taking lessons with Theresa to better understand her.  How nice! We should make that a rule!

www.artlessonscyprus.com and www.childrensartcyprus.com; tel 99511509.

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