Heidi Trautmann

669 - Streetart Bookstore and Café for world citizens - While you eat you read

By Heidi Trautmann


You are alone, einsam oder zweisam, a British, Turk or German resident or tourist, an employee or a housewife, a bookie or internet surfer, whatever, here on green grass on coloured cushions you can relax, sip a coffee, an ice coffee as we had it this afternoon, a nice cool inspiring drink, and then you go and look for something to read….and you’ll find books in English, Turkish and German at your disposal as long as you choose to stay there. When you are ready to go, you leave an interesting book you have started but would like to continue in your own compartment. Isn’t that cool?


Yes, Streetart Bookstore provides all that and much more….See their flyer.


I am sure, you realise that I am doing some advertising for Streetart Bookstore. Yes, I like active, creative young people and I think the team, Ayça and Ayşe are doing a great job. We are all aware that selling books today is not the easiest way of doing one’s living, but it is a passion, and, as Ayça says, “nothing compares to the smell of a book when you open it for the first time.”

I have done an interview with them some weeks ago and you can find it on my website www.heiditrautmann.com . Today I would like to add to what I said in my interview, that you find there also used books in German and the art magazines ART and PAN, the best ones that were ever published in Germany; they are from the 1980s with all the art and artists presented that were in the art scene of those years, really interesting.


Try it; a book is the best companion when you are by yourself.


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