Heidi Trautmann

123 - Further News on the new book „Art and Creativity in North Cyprus“ and Reception

On Feb 8 EMAA representatives and I were invited to meet President Mehmet Ali Talat to give him a copy of my book and thank him for the support he has given us. Here are some photos.


The book is available at the following bookstores:


Round Tower, Kyrenia

Isik Bookstore, Nicosia North (near police dept)

Rüstem Bookstore, Nicosia North (near Saray Hotel)

Gallery Kültür, Nicosia North (opposite Ledra Palace, near the bridge)

Deniz Plaza shops

Moufflon Bookstore Nicosia South

Solonium Bookstore, Nicosia South


PS: For worldwide delivery contact Moufflon Bookstore - www.moufflon.com.cy  ; email address: bookshop@moufflon.com.cy.

ISBN No.  978-9963-9729-1-3

Price TL 80


The book is also available from the author: heiditrautmann@hotmail.com


Or from EMAA : emaagazetesi@yahoo.co.uk



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