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Happy TULIPS Angels - Results of Pink October Days

We have just finished collecting all the monies raised during Pink October and we have just finished counting, down to almost the last Kurus......  Hence the photo attached of Sue and I celebrating what has to be an outstanding result from everyone's efforts in raising not only Awareness about Breast Cancer but also much needed funds to help support Kanser Hastalarina Yardim Dernegi, known in the Ex-Pat Community as TULIPS.

So how did we do..........  before we tell you we have to say a huge thank you to all of the following for their help and support during the month and for helping us to raise these funds in a fun and celebratory way.  Fund raising is not just about the money we receive, its about the help and commitment we get from so many people in the Turkish Cypriot and Ex Pat community who put in their time, effort and help to make this event what it was - A MASSIVELY HUGE SUCCESS.

We would like to thank the following sponsors who enabled us to make Pink October a huge success
Near East Bank – raffle tickets
Starting Point – Pink Champagne
Kaya Artemis Resort
Salamis Bay Conti Hotel
Ankara Travel
Bosch Dishwasher, Cavush Market
Pia Bella Hotel
Oztunc Reklam
And finally we would like to thank so, so many people who helped to make the month such a success, far too many to mention here but we will be visiting each and every one of them during the coming months to thank them personally for their support.
SO........................................  the amount raised during the month (with still a little to come in!) is a staggering


to be precise 107,914.27!!!!!!

The money was raised in the following way and as Raziye Kocaismail, President of the Association, said when, with tears in her eyes, she found out how much was raised:  “This amount of money will pay the expenses of 200 cancer patients that go through our doors – the average amount per patient is approximately 500TL, which covers the cost of the Nurses, the Doctors, the Carers, the drugs and tests outside of the State system”.

Raffle 24,410TL, Collections from Schools over 24,000TL, Sale of Teeshirts 2,097TL and the rest of the money came from all the wonderful events that were held during the whole of Pink October.

Sue and I are just so thrilled that everyone that supported this event will be helping Someone with Cancer in the TRNC, regardless of nationality.

Thank you too for all your support and publicity during the month, without which we could not have reached so many to get so much support.

We are just overwhelmed......................................................................

Carole and Sue

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