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810 - 4th ARTTERAPI Exhibition in Nicosia Atatürk Cultural Centre 14 – 16 September - I am Sharing…

By Heidi Trautmann


The guests on September 14, as they approach the entrance to the Atatürk Cultural Centre, utter a cry of surprise because of the many candles that are arranged on the steps. There is something to celebrate, not only the great work the children did for this exhibition but that from now on there will be two: Bahar and Alessandro, freshly married, they are now partners and they will work together for the arts, for children and adults.  They will teach them to become happy and self-confident, to become aware of themselves and of their surroundings, of their buddies, families and people in the street, of nature , of good and bad and all the things that are so often disturbing.


The Ministers of Education, Kemal Dürüst, spoke some wise words with respect to the importance of art education, and the kids came forward to listen to him and to hold hands with Bahar; it was a joyous crowd that pushed through the open doors.  The first impression we gained was of bright colours, big paintings in pure colours, blue and red and bright green. Self-portraits and birthday parties, parties where things are shared, such as cup cakes. Right in the corner two fantastic carton sculptures representing the married couple Bahar and Alessandro. In your mind you can see the children enjoy the work in the Artterapi Studio and how they use big brushes and their whole body to paint. Yes, it takes the whole body, brain, heart and sometimes feet, to make art.


It was a good season 2014-2015 for the Artterapi Art Centre in Kyrenia, they tried to do much more than painting, the kids did theatre, wrote the play, made their costumes and the entire stage set. The well-known actress Hatice Tezcan came for the occasion to teach them speaking and moving. Birthday parties and Games. The adult group had a very good exhibition at the Public Library, you find my review on the internet on my website. And finally, Italian dinners were announced on all Fridays for three months in a row. We had the pleasure to be guests on one Friday and while Alessandro did the cooking, Bahar gave us some pâté to taste.

You see, Artterapi in the true sense of the word.

You find them on facebook if you have more questions and want more information.




At the end of the line some paintings by Bahar
At the end of the line some paintings by Bahar

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