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263 - Inci Kansu's Exhibition "Hot Relationships" in Ankara

My friend Inci Kansu is a most active paper artist, travelling and admonishing with her art the citizens of our island to treasure its culture. She is absolutely right with what she says that the artists have the obligation to put the finger in the wound because they have been taught to see and feel the changes in our world. I have been reporting on many of her exhibitions over the years and you will find my many reviews in this website, and I am very proud of what she is doing.Now, her recent exhibition was in Ankara and she comments herself on the philosophy of her work.




08 – 22 June 2011





Throughout our existence we strive to keep our relationships hot enough with life in every dimension; in joy or grief, at war or peace. We keep a tight hold on life and try not to get

detached from it.

Two different ‘hot titles make up this exhibition: ‘Cuprum / Copper Mine’ and the ‘Medosh


The Copper Mine:

A fact of life that - from antiquity to the present day - has influenced the history, geography and social life of the island including its name. But now, after having exhausted its inherent

life for centuries, its waste products have become a disturbing, awful inheritance, polluting nature and environment. Artists’ feelings are dictated by what they see and hear. They are the ones who are the most emotional, most annoyed, who seek for solutions and fight against all disasters, local or universal.  


The Medosh Tulip   

The thought is as old as mankind. A flower adorned with so many different symbolic meanings. It can represent life, nature, spring, fire, beauty, love, the lips of the lover and

blood. This endemic flower of the island is a symbol in my work too. It is a great pity that its life has decreased lately. I have tried to discuss the ‘problems of relationships between man and nature’. Ceasing to exist is undoubtedly part of the cycle of life. But the annihilations

of our times are due to our selfish, frenzied comsumption of resources, natural qualities and

wonders of the planet. 


Just like any other paper artist my attention is focused on to nature and naturalness. I combine a ‘handcraft and a plastic art’ starting with the actual process of making paper, a natural material. The two basic themes of my work, ‘time and memory’ are in perfect harmony with my approach to paper because paper itself has a natural memory which is collecting and saving the values and negatives in its layers.



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