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The rolling exhibition of works by Cypriot artists at the site of the Cyprus peace talks opens a new chapter on 13 July as the Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on Cyprus , Alexander Downer, unveils a series of paintings, prints, handmade paper, collages, mixed media and installations.  

The works on display are the creation of an all-female group of artists.  Katerina Attalidou, Inci Kansu, Stella Angelidou, Ismet Tatar, Tatiana Ferahian and Vicky Pericleous have kindly offered pieces illustrating different aspects of the Cyprus problem and of the country’s history and identity.   They are the second group of artists to contribute to the exhibition, which kicked off on 1 June.

“The pieces being exhibited, some for the first time, clearly center on painful issues of Cyprus”, said Argyro Toumazou, one of the organizers of the show.  “Those issues include the traumatic loss of land, property and deeds; the natural beauty of the island, which defies polemics, and the role copper has played in its history.  There is also the unbearable uncertainty of a divided Nicosia, the clash of identities and historical interpretations”.  Ms Toumazou adds that the exhibition is characterized by earth colours, a sensitive approach on the part of the artists and a variety of original techniques.

Note to editors:  A showing for media in the presence of the artists is scheduled for Monday, 13 July, at 15.30.  Mr. Downer will accompany the artists.  Please contact the UNFICYP Public Information Office (22 61 4409, 601 4409 oztoycan@un.org ) if you would like to attend.  Please see below two views of the main conference room for the peace talks in the United Nations Protected Area in which peace talks are held.

Artists interested in contributing to the exhibitions  are invited to contact organizers Argyro Toumazou and Ozgul Ezgin at :
atoumazou@cytanet.com.cy (00357 99 317278) and ozgul.ezgin@gmail.com (0090 533 8640418).

José Luis Díaz
Spokesperson, UNFICYP
+357 2261 4408
+357 9961 6197 (mobile)
+90 392 601 4408


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