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29 - First Prize for TRNC Dance Choreography in Barcelona

A proud moment for North Cyprus


I am sure that some of your readers still remember an extraordinary Latin Dance Show four years ago in the Congress Hall of the Near East University. It was Osman Ates and his Dance Group we had admired at that time. After the show I had met him for an interview and learnt a lot about him and his hopes for the future. He is a most talented young man, a learnt actor and choreographer at the Lefkosa Municipality Theatre and dancer and choreographer for his Cyprus dance group going for World championship. He and his team are registered at the WDDSC – World Dance and World Dance Council. Now, there was the 22nd International Barcelona Dance Awards 2009 on April 9 – 13 at the huge Girona Theatre in Barcelona.

I just got an enthusiastic letter about the event:


Dear Heidi,
it is one of the most prestigious dance competition in Europe: 22nd Intermatıonal Barcelona Dance Awards 2009
Date: 9-13 April
It took place at the huge Girona Theatre
Famous dance schools and groups from America, Uk, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Russia, Poland etc. participate. There were over1500 dancers.
Show Dance Team of North Cyprus, competed in open/fusion category with the choreography prepared by Osman Atesh called “Show Time”. Among 228 performance/choreography our group was selected as "the team that best reflects the character of the performed dance" and gets the “characteristic 1st award”
Osman Atesh was greeted with the following words: "your flag is for the first time on this stage, we are proud of this"
Nearly 2000 people attended the award ceremony.
Show Dance Team of Cyprus team composed of 6 couples: Ertan Berksu-Aysu Gündüz, Zekai Kıray-Seda Okgül, Ahmet Arık-Meryem Kuraner, Faik Kutalmış-Melike Barut Ermihan, Cafer Yöncü-Bilgen Arık ve Adem Mülazimoğlu-Ayşe Aslan


Regards, Aliye Ummanel (Dramaturge of the Municipal Theatre Nicosia)


Thank you Aliye for letting us know. That is fantastic news and we congratulate the participating couples and Osman Ates for his ever excellent choreography.


The photos Osman Ates and partner and the portrait are from my archive


Osman Ates and partner
Osman Ates and partner

Osman Ates
Osman Ates

On the way to Barcelona
On the way to Barcelona

The team with the Cup
The team with the Cup

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