Heidi Trautmann

225 - Cyprus in Venice – 40 years in the Venice Biennale of Art


By Heidi Trautmann


I am really sorry that I could not make it earlier to see the wonderful exhibition at the Power House in Nicosia South, only at the very end, although it lasted over three months. I had announced it on my website and I hope that the readers have taken the opportunity to visit the exhibition.

It is always a pleasure for me to experience professional work where the organization of an exhibition is concerned. The venue is terrific and the work done for each individual exhibition is perfect always considering its character and artistic message.


The exhibition was primarily thought to acquaint a wider local audience with the institution of the Venice Biennale and the works of artists who have presented Cyprus up until today beginning with 1969.


The least I can do today is to let you take part with some photos I took although it will not give you the overall impression.

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