Heidi Trautmann

May 27 - Young Engravers 2008-2009 Exhibition

The Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts (E.KA.TE) invites you to the opening of the exhibition "Young Engravers 2008-2009" on Friday 29th of May 200 at 20:00 at Famagusta Gate.

The opening of the exhibition will be by Dr. Eleni Nikita President of Eikastikon Technon A. Tassos. Reception will follow.

Sunday, 31st of May 2009: Excursion of the Museum and School of Printmaking of Hambis at Platansikia

Wedney 3rd of June 2009: Famagusta Gate at 19:00


Engraving and Graphic Art" George Tsaggaris

The artist as a collectr of art - The printmaking Museum of Hambis at Plataniska - Michael Fantaros

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